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What is the difference between farm fencing? The key is not visible with the naked eye

You can see the MRT products at "Sommet de l'élevage"

When it comes to purchasing farm fencing, such as livestock netting or barbed wire, what is not visible to the naked eye is the most important thing. In fact, products that appear to be the same are not, because of the difference in the quality of the wire, which is why it is important to be well informed before making a decision.

In the case of MRT, they offer the highest quality because they have total control and traceability of their products, thanks to they are vertically integrated in CELSA Group™ (the largest private steel group in Spain and the fourth largest in Europe, with an annual production of 7 million tonnes of steel). In fact, all the manufacturing stages take place within the group, from the supply of scrap to produce wire rod (raw material for the manufactured enclosures supplied directly by CELSA Group™), such as drawing, galvanising of the wire, manufacture of the enclosure and its coating. The difference is that other companies have to buy the wire as they do not produce it, so they do not have the same control over its quality. In the case of the products, the quality of the wire, which is not visible to the naked eye, is the key.

Another fundamental aspect today is respect for the environment, because of the importance of curbing climate change and combating pollution. At CELSA Group™, the circular economy is the basis of their production process, as their products are manufactured from recycled steel and can be infinitely recycled again with not losing properties. In fact, CELSA is the leading producer of circular steel in Europe. Moreover, the electric furnace technology they use means that their CO2 emissions are nine times lower than those produced in blast furnaces are. In the same way, respect for the environment is fundamental at MRT, which is why they have ISO 14001:2015 certification.

And what agricultural fencing can Moreda Riviere Trefilerías offer? Thanks to their large fleet of machines for the production of fencing, they can offer a wide range of products, with a great variety of qualities, heights and geometries. For example, they can offer knotted meshes with three different knots: the FK MRT® (with a fixed knot, also known as "tie knot"), which is supplied in heights of up to 3 metres; the XK MRT® (with its fixed X-shaped knot), in which there is the option of including a line with hinge knots; and finally the well-known HJ MRT®, also known as cattle netting or hinge joint netting.

The 3 types of knotted meshes offered by MRT are heavy galvanised, and for extra protection and to triple the service life of the netting, the ZnAl® coating (95% Zinc + 5% Aluminium alloy) and the Ecover® coating, both exclusive to MRT, are available. The agricultural range is completed by barbed wires, welded meshes, wire netting mesh, nails and fencing straples, etc.

As you can see, there can be many differences between fences that at first appear to be the same. It is advisable to get good information before buying a fence for your agricultural land or livestock farm. You have the opportunity to talk to the MRT team and see their products at the next agricultural fair in which they are participating: "Sommet de l'élevage" in Cournon (France), from 4th to 7th October.


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