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MRT® launches ZnAl®

The most durable galvanised steel wire

At Moreda Riviere Trefilerías are using the 95% Zinc and 5% aluminium alloy to produce the covering of wire named ZnAl®.

The great advantage of ZnAl® is that it is more resistant to corrosion than the heavy galvanized.

In addition, the covering is more uniform and ductile, so it allows an excellent adhesion to the wire.

The ZnAl® is used to produce several fences, such as progressive welded mesh, barbed wire, HJ MRT® field fence, FK MRT® stock fence or chain link.

The new ZnAl® galvanising line is located in Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona), where is the MRT® factory, which is operational to continue attending the market demand.

The ZnAl® is having a successful performance, which is confirmed by the first customers that have tried it.

MRT® launches ZnAl®


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  • Moreda Riviere Trefilerias