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The range of MRT knotted meshes, with their 3 different knots, will be presented at the Sommet de l´Elevage

The MRT team awaits you at its stand (No. 39, hall 1) in Sommet de l´Elevage

Taking advantage of the gradual return of agricultural fairs, the manufacturer Moreda Riviere Trefilerías will once again welcome all its customers and friends to its stand at the Sommet de l’Élevage fair, from October 5th to 8th. All its products for agricultural use will be presented there: barbed wire, fence staples and knotted mesh, a range recently expanded with the launch of the new XK MRT® mesh.

MRT knotted meshes are designed for the containment of animals, both in livestock farms and in hunting grounds or agricultural land. In addition, to adapt to the different needs of its customers, the range includes some wire qualities, strengths, heights and geometries, in addition to, of course, the 3 knot options.

For example, the HJ MRT® knotted mesh, also called hinge knot mesh, is available in light, medium and heavy versions and can be up to 2.20 meters high. The FK MRT® fixed knot mesh has the particularity of being made with high resistance wire, which gives it exceptional resistance to impact. And the XK MRT® knotted mesh, the latest release from the manufacturer, characterized by its high tensile wires, its progressive or not meshes, and the possibility of integrating a hinge knot. In addition to being a mesh especially resistant to impact, it allows an installation adapted to the different existing configurations (outer skirt at the base of the fence, or buried in the ground, or slightly inclined to avoid climbing).

However, there is one point in common between all these knotted meshes: the quality of the wire coating. In fact, they are all made of heavy galvanised wire (EN 10244-2 Class A), a guarantee of the wire's durability against corrosion.

If some customers wish to go further and further increase the quality of the mesh, MRT offers the possibility of manufacturing them with its exclusive Ecover® coating, or with the ZnAl® option (95% zinc and 5% aluminum alloy). Coatings that, in addition, can be used in the manufacture of its entire agricultural range.

For this reason, the entire MRT team awaits you at its stand (No. 39, hall 1) in Sommet de l´Elevage, so that you can appreciate for yourself the excellent quality of their products, thanks to the numerous samples that will be presented, including those in its range of knotted meshes, undoubtedly the most complete on the market.


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