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JOSKIN: Two New Muck Spreaders in the Ferti-Space2 Range

JOSKIN presents the latest models in its Ferti-SPACE2 range of muck spreaders

JOSKIN presents the latest models in its Ferti-SPACE2 range of muck spreaders. The product family and current range are expanding both upwards, with the Ferti-SPACE2 FS8014 (tridem), and downwards, with the Ferti-SPACE2 FS5511 (single axle). As a result, the range now meets the needs of all types of customers, from frequent to less intensive users.

Ferti-SPACE2 FS5511/15U

The single-axle muck spreader has a body of 5.5 m long (before the guillotine door), 2.1 m wide a the front, 2.13 m wide at the back and 1.05 m high. It offers in this way a spacious 17 m³ load volume with dome. If that is not enough, you can increase the capacity with 25 cm aluminium or hardwood extensions (+ 2.8 m³ DIN). The body is tapered and gains 30 mm from front to rear, allowing the load to spread out or untangle before falling into the beaters, but also to reach the spreader table less compactly and be distributed more evenly.

The manure is conveyed by a moving floor with 4 shipping chains (Ø 14 mm, grade 80) with a breaking limit of 22 tons each. Bolted profile slats connect the respective pairs of chains transversely, which can be easily replaced in the event of wear. Practical!

As far as the chassis is concerned, the single-axle model is fitted as standard with a "high speed" ADR axle with a 150-mm square and 420 x 180 brakes. Combined with the air brake fitted as standard, this muck spreader model can benefit from the European COC type-approval certificate under the Machinery Directive 167/2013, which means it is authorised in all European countries. The axle is connected to the spreader body by bolted brackets, so that the running gear can be moved backwards or forwards if required (for more or less weight on the tractor). Tyres up to 800 mm wide and 1,505 mm in diameter (i.e. 30.5") can be easily fitted.

The new Ferti-SPACE2 FS5511/15 comes as standard with a low hitch. The K80 eyelet integrated into the galvanised drawbar and its compactness offer a unique manoeuvrability. The drawbar with silentblock suspension also does its job. For even greater comfort, a hydraulic drawbar suspension with passive or active control is available as an option.

Ferti-SPACE2 FS8014/28TRU

The Ferti-Space2 FS8014/28TRU is at the other end of the large product family and completes the Ferti-Space2 range with its very large body of 7.7 m long, 2.1 m wide at the front, 2.13 m wide at the back and 1.35 m high. The figures of 30.2 m³ total volume or almost 40 m³ with extensions (max. 500 mm) speak for themselves. Like its smaller brothers, this model is also equipped with a moving floor with 4 shipping chains, bolted cross-slats, a tapered body interior, centrally positioned and protected hydraulic lines, etc. The moving floor also benefits from the tried-and-tested concept of gear reduction, which gives it sufficient power, even at very slow speeds, to feed the material smoothly and in precisely metered quantities to the spreading unit.

As far as the chassis is concerned, the Tridem muck spreader benefits from a Hydro-Tridem running gear, which has proved its worth time and again on thousands of JOSKIN machines. It stands out for its incomparable driving comfort, its stability on slopes and in bends even at high speed, its compactness for a maximum steering angle, its two steering axles and much more... It also already has the necessary 40 km/h certification in accordance with EU directive 167/2013.

Thanks to its versatility and compactness, the Ferti-SPACE2 FS8014/28TRU is one of the best solutions for agricultural contractors. This muck spreader can also be fitted with hydraulically retractable extensions (500 mm) to enable the farmer to load it with a small loader.

Alternatively, if this muck spreader is also to be used as a silage trailer, JOSKIN offers a simple conversion kit to easily fit the machine with 1,000 mm extensions for a volume of 45 m³.

A Sophisticated Shape

The design of the new muck spreaders in the Ferti-SPACE2 series is no coincidence. The water drop shape not only increases the total body volume (compared to the previous design), but also gives additional strength and rigidity to the entire tapered construction thanks to the horizontal folds, without unnecessarily weighting down the 4 mm-thick side walls with reinforcements. In other words, this design offers more volume for less own weight!

The front wall has also been redesigned, with a more transparent sight window providing ample visibility even during long working days.

The underbody was kept narrow to keep the center of gravity of the machine low. It has also been optimised so that large tyres still have enough room to compensate for bumps and allow steering angles of up to 17° for the steering system.

Between the chassis and the structure, there is as standard a housing for the weighing system. Available as an option, this system can be fitted without any problem to the muck spreader as soon as it leaves the factory, or at a later date after the delivery.

With Vertical Beaters or as Universal Spreader

All Ferti-SPACE2 models are available both as a classic muck spreader with 2 vertical beaters, and as a "Horizon" model, i.e. with a spreading table. Since most friction occurs at the spreading units, both vertical and horizontal versions are equipped with HARDOX wear plates. This high-quality, fine-grained steel is extremely resistant to abrasion, giving the various components an above-average service life. It is also worth noting that the knives are all reversible, so they can be fitted in the other direction if one side is worn in order to double their operating time before replacement.

The special feature of the vertical muck spreader is its design. The beater base is equipped with an ingenious concept that allows you to switch in no time from a spreading disc with 4 fixed blades (per beater) to one with 2 retractable blades (per beater), which is useful when you want to break up the material more effectively, particularly with thick manure.

The Horizon disc spreader can be fitted with optional electrically adjustable edge guide plates/flaps for a precise distribution and fine metering. This allows the driver to adjust the dosage precisely without leaving the tractor cab.

Revisited Isobus Comfort Control

More intelligent control systems, which make life easier for the driver and allow him/her to concentrate on the essentials, have been part of the Belgian manufacturer's corporate strategy for many years. The new Isobus control system, developed and programmed in-house, once again confirms this core competence. Easy-to-understand pictograms, control sequences that can be activated as an option, and much more. All these facilitate the user's work, which is particularly useful during long working days...

The extension of the Ferti-SPACE2 range reflects the Belgian organic fertilisation specialist's determination to become a market leader in this thematic field too.

It is also worth noting that the knives are all reversible, so they can be fitted in the other direction if one side is worn in order to double their operating time before replacement.


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