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A New JOSKIN Macerator is Launched

The challenges of slurry tanker users in terms of spreading efficiency and quality are evolving, that is the reason why JOSKIN continues to develop its famous SCALPER macerator. The new version provides greater precision and versatility.

A Tried and Tested System

In 1991, already a pioneer in slurry injection, JOSKIN patented the SCALPER macerator, an indispensable tool for the smooth operation of injectors, especially when used with certain types of slurry, such as cattle slurry. This type of slurry is often loaded with fibers and foreign bodies, which can cause irregularities in the spreading pattern and even clogging of the pipes.

The SCALPER macerator introduced then the technique of the self-sharpening, freely rotating circular blades mounted on an eccentric stroke parallel to the outer edge of a counter blade driven by a hydraulic engine. Compressed against a counter blade coaxial to the blade holder and featuring eccentric orifices too, these circular blades are driven by the rotation of the blade holder and pivot in the opposite direction of the latter on their own axis. The sharp edge of the circular blades moves overlapping progressively the outer edge of the counter blade holes like a pair of scissors. It is this exclusive movement that creates an efficient, safe cut and ensures that foreign bodies in the slurry are cut.

Upgrading the SCALPER Macerator

The new JOSKIN SCALPER macerator keeps this unrivalled system, doubling it to increase the flow capacity. Two blade holders, each with 6 blades, are compressed by a central spring onto the counter blades arranged on the 2 opening covers on either side of the macerator.

This double opening allows a much faster cleaning or replacement of the wear parts: all blades are accessible without having to remove the hoses. For cleaning, two openings are also present on the macerator body for a quick access to the inner mechanism.

With this new macerator, JOSKIN upgrades its original SCALPER concept, which has proved so successful. Fibers and foreign bodies at the entrance of a distribution opening are cut as if by a pair of scissors: they are first pinched between the circular blade and the outer edge of the opening, then progressively sheared off. This is repeated no less than 6 times for each revolution of the blade holder. This system of rotating blades offers maximum ease and efficiency in all slurry conditions, including the most difficult ones. The new JOSKIN SCALPER macerator also guarantees a greater spreading uniformity thanks to a new air intake in the center of the knives.

This system eliminates the pulsation effect that can be created by knives with diameters greater than the length of the distribution holes. In such cases, a complete coverage of the orifice causes a depression preventing the slurry from flowing, which can result in a sinusoidal variation of the flow rate in the spreading line. The air sucked up into the new SCALPER and directed to the center of the knives guarantees the continuous flow through the hoses. As a result, the slurry flow is stable and uniform across all openings.

Sturdy Design

For its new macerator, JOSKIN offers several types of counter blades. These are distinguished by the size of the distribution hole to allow different flow rates (m³/ha): the larger the hole size, the greater the spreading rate at equal speed. All these counter blade models are produced in HARDOX steel, which offers a superior wear resistance.

The new JOSKIN SCALPER macerator is supplied by 5" hoses and will be fitted as standard on Penditwist line spreading booms, Pendislide line spreading booms with skids, but also on Solodisc XXL disc injectors.


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