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New JOSKIN Betimax 6750 Livestock Trailer

The range of JOSKIN Betimax RDS reclining livestock trailers now includes a new single-axle intermediate model of 6.75 m long, bringing it closer to the double-axle versions.

Up to now, the range of "reclining" livestock trailers has consisted of 2 single-axle models of 5 m and 6 m, and 2 double-axle models of 7.5 m and 9 m. This new 6.75-m model completes the range. It provides a less expensive alternative for medium-sized farms, giving them access to a large inner loading area, with over 15 m² of floor space, easily accommodating 8 to 10 animals. Available with a galvanised (RDS - G) or green-painted (RDS - P) protection, this livestock trailer is highly resistant over time to the aggression of animal excrement.

A Livestock Trailer Designed Around Your Needs

The Betimax RDS livestock trailer, designed on the basis of experienced veterinary surgeons and stock breeders' advice, offers an exceptional comfort level for the animals it transports. This comfort is provided by a 12 mm-thick, 3-component resin floor with anti-slip and soundproofing characteristics, all this with a certain pasture-like softness that encourages cattle to stand more comfortably and safely. This floor also provides hygienic advantages, preventing corrosion and facilitating cleaning. This equipment is offered as standard on the RDS G (galvanised) and as an option on the RDS P (painted).

The user comfort is also an essential aspect of the Betimax. Its reclining design eliminates the need for a loading ramp, saving time and safety when loading and unloading livestock. The rear doors require no greasing and are easy to operate, and the independent opening system ensures safety when unloading livestock. This allows the user to remain protected behind the second door in the event of a sudden exit of the animals.

The risk of injury to animals is greatly reduced by well-thought-out details such as the low rear edges, the two interior “slide” bars that come as standard, and the doors that offer a passage almost as wide as the body to prevent strangulation.

Road comfort is also very important, especially for a single-axle model. The position of the axle and the cross-spring suspension of the drawbar provide a perfect stability on the road. The 170 mm wide drawbar ensures an excellent manoeuvrability in narrow pasture entrances.

Reclining System

The main strength of the Betimax RDS is its step, which is only 17 cm compared to 63 cm for transport, offering a climb angle of only 3 to 5%!

Already easy, the loading and unloading operations can be made even easier thanks to a wide range of fences that can swivel up to 270°, expendable or not, from 2.3 m to 4.5 m in length, and positioned at the rear or side, without affecting the overall width of the livestock trailer (2.55 m).

As always at JOSKIN, thanks to standardisation, several options can be added at a later date, without modifying the body, to complete this RDS livestock trailer. These include various interior partitions, a protective cover and much more.

Betimax R

Alongside the RDS models, the Betimax R completes the JOSKIN range of livestock trailers. Based on the same chassis, it offers a more economical solution for transporting livestock.

Available with a 5-m or 6-m length and as single-axle vehicle only, the Betimax R has a rear loading ramp and a fixed drawbar. The 210-cm high body is fully painted and the floor is an antislip chequered plate.


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