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X-TREM2 Gains in Capacity !

One of the flagships of the JOSKIN range, the X-TREM2 slurry tanker, now has two new models with a total capacity of 22,694 liters: the 22000 D and the 22000 DXT.

The requirements for spreading liquid effluents are constantly evolving. Contractors need high-performance machines capable of spreading large quantities in a short space of time and in sometimes difficult conditions. That is why the X-TREM2, awarded "Machine of the Year" at the latest Agritechnica trade show, is constantly evolving to provide the right response to current market issues. This 22-m³ version completes the range previously comprising 3 models: 16 m³, 18 m³ and 20 m³.

The Biggest Tyres on the Market!

To further enhance the performance, the 22000 D model can be fitted with standard 800/60R32 wheels (Ø 1,800 mm x 800 mm), while the 22000 DXT can be equipped with even larger-diameter standard 900/65R32 wheels (Ø 1,986 mm x 930 mm). The DXT model can also be fitted with R38 and R42 wheels. This is quite simply the largest tyres available on a slurry tanker of this capacity! They require less traction power, and are a real advantage in difficult conditions at the end of winter, particularly when spreading on cereals. This feature limits the traction power required of the tractor, considerably reducing slippage, thus limiting crop damage and extending working ranges. With its new 22,000-liter capacity, the X-TREM2 is the perfect compromise between transport and traction capacities.

Limiting Impact on Crops

Difficult working conditions require an optimal weight distribution on the ground to limit damage. With its wasp-waisted chassis, the X-TREM2 can be fitted with tyres up to 930 mm wide. Combined with the optional tyre inflation system, these provide a real agronomic advantage by limiting crop damage and soil compaction. At the touch of a button in the cab, the user can switch back to the optimum pressure for road use, to reduce tyre wear and improve stability at high speeds.

Manoeuvrability Even with Large Implements

An equally important criterion in the selection of a slurry tanker is its ability to follow perfectly the tractor tracks to limit the impact on crops, e.g. when spreading on cereals. The narrow heavy duty chassis starts at 900 mm at the front, then narrows to 600 mm at the wheel recesses up to the rear. This design allows it to benefit from a double self-steering system, offering a considerable gain in manoeuvrability and transport comfort, which is also very important for road transport with heavy spreading technologies such as line spreading booms, meadow injectors or tine ploughs.

For an optimal follow-up of the ground, this tanker is equipped with a Hydro-Pendul running gear. Each axle is mounted on two double-acting hydraulic cylinders on either side of the chassis, and then linked to the chassis by an articulated triangular structure. This low-maintenance system guarantees an excellent follow-up of the ground relief.

The X-TREM2 is designed for heavy technology and can therefore work without any difficulty with the widest JOSKIN injectors or spreading booms. Its tractor-inspired linkage is directly integrated into the tank brackets, making it more compact by reducing the overhang at the rear of the tanker to a minimum. Sturdier and more resistant to high traction effort, it also keeps the ideal weight at the eyelet, limiting the backwards shift of the point of gravity when hitching a rear implement. The hoses supplying the rear implement are connected between the two linkage cylinders to reduce space requirements and minimise the risk of getting caught.

The X-TREM2 is available with various pumping systems: lobe pump, single vacuum pump or vacuum pump combined with a "Storm" centrifugal pump. This slurry tanker can also be fitted with various filling arms: from the single-articulation Jumbo to the 2- or 3-articulation dorsal boom, not forgetting the front filling arm. The X-TREM2 offers a pumping solution to suit every need.

As you can see, the X-TREM2 is a true concentrate of the JOSKIN know-how: a high-capacity machine with new 22,000 l models, short length, great manoeuvrability, capable of working with wide spreading implements and requiring little traction power. This makes it a genuine competitor for self-propelled spreaders: efficiency, while retaining the versatility of a standard farm tractor.


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