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Bioflex: New Aeration Concept for Emerged Crops from JOSKIN

JOSKIN, manufacturer of grassland aeration and regeneration technologies since the late 80s, is now expanding its range for the aeration of all types of lands and presenting its new weeder: the Bioflex.

At a time when hot, agronomic issues, such as the debate on the glyphosate ban, are being discussed publicly, it is important that the development of new machines focuses more on efficient and environmentally-friendly alternatives. The Bioflex was created with this in mind. This new aerator has a hot-dip galvanised structure, with 3 elements for models up to 7.2 m working width, and 5 elements for models up to 12 m working width. Each 2.4-m element contains up to 96 tines distributed over 6 consecutive rows.

Specific Tine Design

The Ø 7 mm tines on the Bioflex are highly flexible, following the ground relief perfectly, while remaining independent of one another. Their shape has been studied so that they can be used in all plantations, including on mound beds. Depending on the setting selected, they can work on high plants. Their specific design and individuality are the result of an in-depth study aimed at achieving the best results whatever the height of the mounds and plants.

Next to earth aeration, the role of these tines is to act directly on the weed roots and, in optimal weather conditions, to stress young weed plants, so that they dry out quickly. The tines also help to break up the sloping crusts to improve water absorption in the soil and bring soil moisture to the surface and into the crop roots, which is very important in times of drought.

Adjustable Working Action

The individual tool lines cannot rotate freely. The structure of the swivel wheels on the Bioflex ensures a good follow-up of the ground relief. As a result, the stresses encountered are evenly distributed over the entire working length and width, enabling the various tool lines to work very evenly, as is the case with the brand's meadow aerators. The own weight of the structure also ensures a better ground follow-up, which contributes to the overall quality of work.

Depending on the field of application, the aggressiveness of the tine action can be adjusted from "super-soft" to "heavy" through the configuration of the 3rd point of the Bioflex and the position of the gauge wheels. The Variflex system, well known in pasture maintenance, is fitted as standard. Based on the principle of the communicating vessels, this hydraulic device with direct connexion to the tractor ensures a modulation of the tine aggressiveness according to the ground conditions, guaranteeing constant and equivalent pressure on each tine, whatever its angle in relation to the soil surface.

A Complete Range

Bioflex aerators are available in 4.8 m, 6 m and 7.2 m versions with single folding system, and in 8.4 m, 9.6 m, 10.8 m and 12 m versions with double folding system. As standard, the models up to 7.2 m working width are equipped with 3 fixed gauge wheels at the front and 4 pivoting wheels at the rear. The models up to 12 m are equipped with 5 wheels at the front and 6 at the rear. Each one measures 408 x 155 mm and has an agrarian profile to prevent slipping on plants.

Whatever the model, the Bioflex is compactly hitched to the 3-point linkage of the tractor and has an external width of just 2.5 m to comply with European road traffic regulations.

This brand-new range of weeders meets all BMEL subsidy criteria, as well as other European subsidy programs.


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