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Save 50% energy with the new Multifan Dairy Fan

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Beat the heat: It pays to keep your cows cool

An optimal living environment for dairy cattle requires a good climate. After all, a pleasant barn climate contributes to healthy cattle with a high productivity. An investment in the barn climate therefore automatically pays for itself. Especially with the renewed Multifan Dairy Fan, that is up to 50% more energy efficient than its predecessor.

Ventilation is particularly important in the summer to prevent heat stress. At temperatures from 22 ºC, a cow will eat less feed and produce significantly less milk. Other side effects often seen in heat stressed animals are reduction in fertility, increase in embryonic loss and more cases of clinical mastitis. With our renewed Dairy fan, you can prevent animals becoming heat stressed. By blowing fresh air around the cows the perceived temperature decreases and milk production is protected.

To achieve this effect, a minimum air speed of 2m/s is important. The updated Multifan Dairy Fan was developed especially for this purpose and combines this with significant energy savings. In addition, noise is an important aspect in dairy cattle as dairy cattle has a well-developed hearing. The sound of the new fan has therefore been reduced, preventing any stress for cows.

The transformer controllable fan has been updated in many ways but can easily be fitted into existing barns and systems. To emphasize our reliability, we offer 3 years of warranty on the Multifan motor. Have we aroused your interest? Then don’t wait until it gets too hot, but act now!

Dairy Fan
Dairy Fan

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