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FITT Pure: Its advantages against rubber and silicone

FITT Pure is the Made in Italy solution that is malleable, flexible and convenient in every situation

Manufactured according to the most stringent German and European food regulations, FITT Pure is FITT's latest innovation for the flow of drinking water and liquid foods.

FITT Pure is made of TPE, a special patented thermoplastic material that is less expensive than rubber and silicone, therefore ensuring savings.

Once it reaches the end of its life, the TPE used in FITT Pure can be carefully separated and recycled.

FITT Pure is more flexible than rubber hoses and more malleable than silicone hoses, making it easier to handle and install.

Furthermore, when compared with rubber hoses FITT Pure is easier to cut, reducing the risk of accidents. Because it is free of metal parts, it is also not subject to metal oxidation.

Finally, thanks to its innovative structure, FITT Pure can be connected to all major connectors on the market in just a few quick steps.

After passing the stringent tests at the German Hygiene-Institut laboratory - 20 times more demanding than other standards -, FITT Pure has obtained both KTW A and DVGW W270 certifications: the first measures the migration of substances from the hose to drinking water at 23°C and 60°C, according to DIN EN 12873-1-2, while the second measures microbial growth inside the hose with constant water flow at 23°C, according to DIN EN 16421.

Rubber hoses cannot pass the tests for KTW A and DVGW270 certification because the migration of substances from hose to water is too high. Only an additional inner coating would allow rubber hoses to pass the tests, which would increase the cost of production and the selling price.

FITT Pure, compliant with EU Regulation 10/2011 (simulants A-B-C-D1), is also suitable for the transfer of liquid foods, such as dairy products, fruit juices, ice cream, soft drinks, wine, beer and spirits with up to 50° alcohol content.

Non-toxic and with plasticizer-free patent, FITT Pure is extremely flexible and strong, thanks to its TPE formulation and NTS Plus mesh that guarantees the absence of knots or twists and makes it easy to handle in all conditions.

FITT Pure: Its advantages against rubber and silicone


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