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Hakki Pilke Launches Mobile firewood processors

The world’s most advanced firewood processors are now available as easily transportable mobile versions which can be towed behind a car.

Hakki Pilke responds to the need for mobile firewood processors by launching mobile models that are easily towed behind a car. The popular Raven 33-, Falcon 37- and 38 Pro models are now available as mobiles models.

Effortless transportability for all users’ needs

Hakki Pilke mobile processors are permanently installed on a sturdy transportation base equipped with a tow bar, wheels, and lights, which allows for the machine to be effortlessly transported from one worksite to another behind a car or another vehicle equipped with a trailer hitch. Due to their easy mobility, they are excellently suited for rental use, for use at a cottage, or even for shared use among neighbors. All mobile processors equipped with lights and sold registered are classified as Class O towable devices in the EU area.

Raven 33 Mobile is an easy-to-use and reliable firewood processor. It is operated with an overhead lever, which controls the machine's direct-controlled hydraulics and allows for simultaneous cutting and splitting operations.

Falcon 37 Mobile is the fastest in its size category on the market and, thanks to its single-lever control, very easy to use. Designed for power users, the Falcon 37 is equipped with an adjustable hydraulic chain oil pump, which extends the life of the saw chain and bar and reduces the number of maintenance breaks.

38 Pro Mobile is the most robust among the mobile-equipped machines and is suitable for real power users. It is equipped with Hakki Pilke's professional HakkiCut™ interface, which allows for wood cutting at an automatically optimized saw descent speed by pressing just one joystick button. The 38 Pro's 10-ton splitting force ensures that even the most challenging woods can be effortlessly and safely processed into high-quality firewood.

Usability and reliability

All mobile model firewood processors are equipped with a work platform and a hydraulic HakkiLift log lifter can be added as optional equipment, which enable efficient and effortless work anywhere. All mobile models are also equipped with reliable hydraulic infeed and outfeed conveyors as standard, which can be easily folded up for transportation and then back into work position upon arrival at the worksite. The machines are powered by reliable and high-quality Honda petrol engines, which are easily started in all conditions thanks to their electric starters.

All mobile models will be available for sale in a limited quantity through our importers. For more information about our mobile models, visit our website at and contact your local Hakki Pilke dealer.

Hakki Pilke Launches Mobile firewood processors


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