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SIP implements training system for customer service technicians

Ensuring quality of service

SIP implements training system for customer service technicians

SIP is Slovenia’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer, developing high-performance forage harvesting machinery for some of the most demanding users in the industry. In order to ensure comprehensive support by technically competent and professionally trained staff, SIP held training courses for German and other international sales partners at its Slovenian headquarters in February.

The two-day training courses were held at SIP in Slovenia in February. SIP had developed two different training courses in advance, based on the level of knowledge of the participants. The Master 1 training focused on covering the basis, while the Master 2 training was designed for participants who already had previous knowledge.

Certificate as a prerequisite for authorized services

After completing the two-day training, participants received a corresponding certificate, which is the prerequisite for the commissioning of SIP machines, and for the maintenance and extension of the three-year guarantee. All participants who received the certificate were given authorized SIP service provider status.

Training content harmonized to the level of knowledge of participants

Part of the Master 1 training covered the basic understanding of how to set up SIP machines. Further training content included the optimal attachment of the machine to a tractor, the correct settings for optimal and safe working, basic maintenance and how to handle the conditions of the three-year guarantee provided by SIP.

The Master 2 training refreshed the participants’ existing knowledge.

Later in the training, SIP trainers went over the changes and updates to the machines and gave an in-depth look at professional maintenance. There was then a session where the most common service practices were discussed using concrete examples, along with a presentation on the conditions of the three-year guarantee.

150 participants in February alone

In total, more than 150 service and sales staff from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Czechia, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Ireland attended February’s training.


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