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PROOF OF QUALITY: SIP introduces a 3-year warranty period for all products

Confidence into own products brings and additional year of warranty based on the 65 years of knowledge and experience

PROOF OF QUALITY: SIP introduces a 3-year warranty period

The SIP company has adopted the vision to develop state-of-the-art cutting and grass harvesting machines to suit demanding users. In order to bring their products even closer to their customers, the company has decided to extend a two-year to a three-year warranty, under certain conditions.


This year, the SIP company celebrates 65 years of existence. The real boom for the company came in the 1970s, and in the 1980s, it already ranked among the most visible European manufacturers of agricultural machinery, and an early 1990s started selling its machinery to the markets of Western Europe. The company has also successfully overcome the changes that have emerged on the market due to the breakup of Yugoslavia. Its persistence led it to the renaissance. Recently, they set themselves the goal of becoming a leading specialist in grassland harvesting. To achieve this goal much has already been done in the field of new product development, the use of new types of materials and technologies, the improvement of control processes and, last but not least in the field of training of the service and sales network, and customer support.


The SIP company is one of the few suppliers of agricultural machinery that boasts the lowest number of complaints filed during the general two-year warranty period. The long tradition allows the company to incorporate a wealth of experience and expertise in the production of quality and robust agricultural machinery. They wish to underline this by offering their clients to extend the warranty period for an additional year (under conditions stated at The extended warranty brings many advantages for the customer, among other the protection from unexpected repair costs, machine repairs at authorized service centers, and the use of original SIP spare parts. This means maintaining the value of the machine and added value also to the used machines since, in the event of a sale, the warranty is transferable to the new owner.

“With this, we undoubtedly want to raise the profile of the SIP brand as a reliable supplier of robust and innovative solutions, to increase the value of machines at the secondary market and, among other things, become more attractive to the most demanding professional users,” said Andrei Cosovici, the Director of Sales and Marketing, about the benefits of extension of the 2-year warranty period.


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