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Saher’s new VORTEX line of atomizers

Saher completes Vortex atomizer line with a total of 5 different models, either in trailed or liftmounted.

At the beginning of the year we presented our version Vortex specialized for the vineyard with a tower that fits perfectly for this type of cultivation. We have recently complemented the Vortex line with specific tree models, covering the needs for such diverse crops as citrus, olive or kiwi. At the same time, some versions of groups with inverse aspiration have also been developed, all of them with Vortex deflectors.

Saher is aware of the differences between crops, so in the vineyard version, each deflector has a single jet with a single nozzle. On the other hand, in the versions for the trees, the deflectors have a higher amplitude and each jet is composed of 3 nozzles, besides a helical propeller that generates more flow with the same consumption to get a better treatment according to the leaf mass.

We bet for innovation and continuous improvement, a perfect combination with our consolidated experience of more than 50 years making phytosanitary treatment equipment. Everything is reflected in the result of the whole Vortex range, a system with the highest quality and the most reasonable price that the rest. Our philosophy is to continue progressing in a consolidated and humble way, without arrogance and with the unconditional support of our clients.