SKYLIFT 250: Firewood is easier to move

Rosselli Snc
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Our new range of conveyor belts for firewood.

Autumn with its warm colors reminds us that it is time to cut wood.

There are numerous stages to be faced and Rosselli has thought of each of these. That is why this year he introduced the Skylift 250 into his line. A conveyor belt

to move the wood and make it easier to transport logs.

Skylift 250 is offered in three versions, internal combustion engine, electric and hydraulic. Like every product of the maison it is studied in detail to offer quality over time. We started by choosing a carpet with a nylon core and PVC covering to guarantee excellent resistance to abrasion and temperature variations.

Skylift 250 Conveyor belt
Skylift 250 Conveyor belt

Skylift 250 - Conveyor belt for firewood in versions for tractor, electric motor and combustion engine.