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New Vervaet Quad XL introduced and sold in the UK

Five brand new Vervaet Quad 550 self-propelled slurry applicators have been delivered this spring by UK importers J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd.

Two of these new machines are equipped with an additional bespoke heavy-duty trailed-tanker to create a Quad XL. This is a new introduction, created to satisfy demand from progressive contractors looking to move to a 36m boom plus additional tank capacity.

In this guise the 22m³ Quad is combined with a trailed 18m³ tanker, which is made to Vervaet’s specification especially for this role, to give an industry-leading total combined capacity of 40m³. The first machines off the production-line have been purchased by forward-thinking businesses Prestons Agricultural Contractors, based at Desford near Leicester, and R Hyslop & Son of Old Dalby near Melton Mowbray.

The trailed tanker is designed as a capacity-enhancing buffer tank. An additional centrifugal pump is used for filling and emptying, with slurry supplied to the Quad which still handles the rate control and feeds the rear application tool which is carried by the tanker’s hydraulic linkage. Both machines have been supplied with 36m Vogelsang SwingMax dribble bars. To enhance manoeuvrability, and ensure accurate tracking in tramlines for minimal crop damage, the tanker has an electronically controlled steering system. Its four 800/70R38 tyres boast a large rolling radius to help minimise soil impact.

“We believe this to be the highest-capacity tanker outfit in the UK, but it’s also an extremely flexible setup,” explains Matt Carse, managing director of UK importer J Riley. “The additional capacity means the machine can empty a lorry tanker completely with room to spare, or it can be brimmed to full capacity if a large nurse tank is being used. It’s a straightforward design so the rear tanker can be easily dropped-off and the Quad used on its own either to tread lightly in borderline conditions, work with a strip-till machine, cultivator or injector, or run between rows of growing maize when equipped with twin-rowcrop wheels. A further option is to spec the trailed tanker with its own macerator, pump, manifold and control systems to allow it to be used separately in its own right.”

The five new Quads will be followed in early summer by an additional machine as a dedicated demonstrator for Rileys, bringing the total UK Quad population to nine machines in just over 12 months. This makes the UK the Quad’s biggest market to date, and the machine the market-leader for self-propelled slurry applicators. The Riley demo machine will be equipped with a factory-fitted central tyre inflation (CTI) system and available for on-farm demonstrations over the summer months.

“The Quad has enjoyed enthusiastic uptake with market-leading sales success,” enthuses Matt. “It’s still a relatively new product, but user experiences are very promising so far. It was designed with the UK market in mind and has been fulfilling expectations. Output and reliability seem unrivalled, and its running costs are low. The fuel consumption in particular is one of the lowest that I’ve ever seen. I’m confident that with our in-house technical specialists and a large stock of parts on the shelf we can continue to provide first class backup. The additional options of both new and refurbished machines from the three and five-wheel Hydro Trike ranges mean that we can offer a machine for every budget or requirement.”


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