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Breakthrough innovations on show Cereals 2023

Visitors to the John Deere stand at Cereals 2023 can look forward to surveying all the company’s recent breakthrough technological innovations in arable machinery first-hand.

Centre stage will be its most recent major developments, including Deere’s HarvestLab 3000, which is now available on S-Series and T-Series combines.

It has expanded the use of near-infrared sensor to allow combinable crop farmers to measure important quality parameters in wheat, barley and oilseed rape continuously, and in real time.

The technology also gives farmers a granular view of field performance, laying the foundations for decisions on inputs for the following season.

“This up-to-the-second analysis delivers numerous benefits, including being able to know for certain whether wheat has met milling quality specifications, the grain quality at an individual point of a field, and gaining an overall picture of which soils have converted nutrients into yield and protein,” says Chris Wiltshire, John Deere’s Tactical Marketing Manager.

“This greater level of detail and analysis is all part of the progression to site-specific farming; targeting inputs where they are needed, reducing unnecessary expenditure, and paving the way for a more productive and profitable future.”

Visitors to Cereals will also be able to see the 8R 410 tractor with stepless eAutoPowr transmission – the first 400hp machine to gain the revolutionary gearbox – and the ability to offboard power to trailed implements.

Chris said: “eAutoPowr is the world’s first electric infinitely variable transmission with electro-mechanical power split.

“We’ve completely replaced the hydraulic components with an electric power path. Two brushless electric motors are virtually wear-free and powertrain durability exceeds any other concepts previously offered in the industry. Moreover, this simplifies the design of the transmission and allows real time remote technical diagnosis.”

Over the two days, John Deere will also be taking part in the Sprays and Sprayers Arena demonstrating the R975i, the biggest trailed model the company has ever produced.

“With boom widths of 24-40m and a 7,500-litre capacity, we’ll be on hand to share how our newest sprayer brings higher accuracy, reduced chemical use and more comfort when filling and operating,” Chris added.

Over the past 12 months, John Deere’s new 6R Series tractors have been arriving on farms in the UK and Ireland, and visitors will be able to see first-hand how one of the most popular models have evolved.

The four most recent additions to the range include the four-cylinder 6R 150 – aimed particularly at mixed farms – and the six-cylinder 6R 185, a specialist transport tractor for farmers and contractors who spend more time on the road.

“We will also bring our flagship X9 combine, for those farmers looking to achieve the next level in harvesting performance,” Chris said.

“These machines help large-scale farmers harvest more tonnes per hour and cover more hectares per day, even in tough conditions.”

John Deere’s 750A All-Till drill will be demonstrated in the Drilling Arena.

Available in 3, 4 and 6m widths, the 750A is a versatile tool designed with large clearances for no-till drilling into stubble, working after minimum or conventional cultivations, and single pass operation for grassland and rough pasture renovation.

Fitted with the Accord air seeding system, operators will need a minimum of 80 to 140hp and can expect to cover 6ha/hr, depending on conditions, at seeding depths from 13 to 90mm.


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