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Land pride releases multipurpose powered rake

PR16 series has the ability to grade, level, shape, cultivate, renovate and pulverise across a wide range of surfaces

Kubota Australia, local distributor of the Land Pride implement brand, has announced the launch of the PR16 Series Powered Rake – a multi-functional seedbed and surface preparation tool ideal for landscapers and turf care professionals.

“The 60 or 72 inch working widths are well suited for smaller landscaping and turf renovation jobs, with a horsepower requirement of 25-60hp. The 90 inch model is perfect for larger commercial jobs and requires 35-75hp,” said Kubota Australia product manager, John Moloney.

“The attachment is capable of raking or windrowing soil, rocks and construction site debris while another common application is renovating gravel roadways and tracks. It’s an incredibly versatile implement.

“The Powered Rake is built to last with a range of features, including the wide gauge wheels adjusting vertically to set working depth with tall and wide tires to keep turning fluffy soil. The sealant prevents against punctures and the cast iron chain guard housing protects the chain in harsh conditions.

“The carbide tipped studs are the same used in the mining industry, so they are very tough with a long life and can be replaced one at a time where needed.”

Additional features include Quick-Hitch compatibility allowing users to quickly connect and disconnect from the implement when a Land Pride Quick Hitch is added.

“The PR16 Series Powered rake also has side plates with storage, allowing you to hold dirt with the rake for filling in low spots, and the material control deflector determines what size of material to let pass through the roller and what size to move out.

“These features make the PR16 Series Powered Rake one of the most versatile landscaping tools available.

“The double roller chain takes the fluctuation loads from the roller in varying ground conditions and, due to the drive chain being enclosed in an oil bath with a drain plug, the sprockets are kept lubricated with minimum abrasion.”

Kubota Australia is providing a five-year gearbox warranty on the Land Pride Powered Rake.

The Land Pride PR16 Series Powered Rake range is now available through Kubota dealerships nationwide.


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