CLAAS announces new XERION for 2023

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New CVT and more powerful hydraulics on offer with latest 2023 model-year upgrade

CLAAS has announced several upgrades to its high-horsepower XERION 5000 tractor series for the 2023 model year, including a new continuously variable transmission and what the company claims is the highest hydraulic power of any tractor in the market.

For one, the 2023 delivery models will feature the new ZF Eccom 5.5 transmission.

“CLAAS has incorporated Eccom transmission technology in XERION since its launch in 2003,” said CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager for CLAAS High Horsepower Tractors, James Harrison.

“These transmissions are renowned for their efficiency and reliability under all operating conditions.

“Like the previous 4.5 and 5 models, the 5.5-generation transmission offers four automatic range changes forward, a maximum forward speed of 40 or 50km/h and a maximum reverse speed of 30km/h.

“The drives of the front and rear axles are rigidly coupled with each other, so that no longitudinal differential is required.”

A new pump transfer gearbox and optional tandem pump deliver an oil flow of up to 447l/min for up to six double-acting rear spool valves, even at low engine speeds.

“This means there is also sufficient hydraulic capacity available for attachments with a particularly high requirement, such as air seeders,” Harrison said.

“The high flow hydraulic option allows for two spool valves to have a maximum flow rate of 140L/min through three-quarter couplers.

“The hydraulics menu in CEBIS has also been simplified to show the feeder pump and maximum flow rates for each circuit and allow the operator to give priority to critical functions, such as fans or metering devices.”

XERION 5000 features a 12.8-litre six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine that produces maximum torque of 2600Nm at 1300rpm.

“With four equal-sized wheels, permanent four-wheel drive, all-wheel steering and a continuously variable transmission, this 530hp tractor is more than capable of towing a 24-metre air seeder at just 1100rpm, even fitted with single wheels,” Harrison added.

The new XERION 5000 models will also sport a module ballasting system that allows up to 3.5 tonnes to be added over the front and rear axles in 400kg increments and an optional Scharmüller ‘quick hitch’ mounting frame for Cat 3 and Cat 4/4N attachments.

Inside, XERION is equipped with the CEBIS operating system, which features an integrated armrest, multi-function control lever and new CEMIS 1200 touchscreen with SAT 900 receiver and GPS PILOT automated steering.

Further functionalities are available, including section control, yield mapping and variable rate application.

CLAAS announces new XERION for 2023

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