5 most popular wheel loader brands in 2022

Mark Fattore
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Wheel loaders are the ultimate definition of versatile, and let’s see which brands garnered the most attention in 2022

Wheel loaders are operational wonders, and it’s their ability to churn through a massive range of tasks which is why they are utilised across multiple industries such as mining, farming and construction. Local councils too are well aware of their many benefits.

Which brands have scored the most views on our industry sites this year? Let’s find out.


Cat attack! The brand has again performed out of its skin, with 17 of the top 20 viewed wheel loaders the domain of the almost 100-year-old company.

Leading the way is the small-wheeled 924G with 5768 views, followed by the 950K, 950H, 966H and 950M, which have all racked up over 4000 views apiece.


With an impressive depth of product, Japanese giant Komatsu was in a clear second position, its WA500-6 the most popular model – yet more endorsement of just how much cachet the Dash-6 wheel loader series has built up over many years.

The WA500-6 has features like selectable multi-power modes, a hydraulic brake system and stability aplenty with a wide tread and long wheelbase.

The WA470-6 was the second-most-popular Komatsu, about 500 views behind the WA500-6.


Four Volvos appeared in searches for wheel loaders, with the flagship L90H the leader of the pack (2387 views) with its impressive suite of features including a 137kW/934Nm engine, bucket capacity of up to seven cubic metres, load assist and updated linkages.

The L150F (1823 views) was the second-most-viewed Volvo, followed by the L120H (1596 views) – both just outside the top 20 overall.


The company is now making aggressive moves down the zero emissions and carbon-reduction path, but in the wheel loader sphere it’s still the domain of diesel – and in 2022 JCB’s 426HT was a major destination point for our visitors.

The six-cylinder wheel loader carried JCB’s fortunes, and was the first to break the Caterpillar monopoly on the top spots.

John Deere

Much like JCB, John Deere only had one model in the list of most-viewed wheel loaders in 2022 – in this case the 122kW, 13-tonne mid-size 544K. The machine is ideal for tight spots with its 80-degree articulation, and also has a return-to-carry function for use in repetitive applications.

5 most popular wheel loader brands in 2022