HAIX North America introduces new boot Airpower XR23

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HAIX is pleased to announce that the company has introduced a new boot to our workwear line.

We are excited to introduce Airpower XR23. This boot is built for anyone who is rough on their boots. Perfectly engineered for landscapers, construction workers, machine operators, or anyone that’s out in the elements all day long.

This sturdy boot features a composite safety toe with puncture protection, built in arch support and sturdy rough out European bull hide leather.

“Our bull hide leather is made from some of the strongest hides in the world, which translates into a boot that has unparalleled durability,” said Sandy Longarzo, marketing manager. “European sourced leathers offer some of the highest quality leathers in the world, and since leather makes up over 70% of the boot, it’s the most important component to consider.”

In addition to its long wearing durability, the Airpower XR23 features a completely waterproof, yet breathable, GORE-TEX inner liner that also offers an additional 500 grams of insulation for the colder weather months. Everything needed for those tough, labor intensive jobs.

The Airpower XR23 is available in both medium and wide widths from size 4.5 – 15.

For more information, visit www.haixusa.com.

HAIX North America introduces new boot Airpower XR23

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