CNH debuts all-electric and semi-autonomous tractor prototype

New Holland
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Commercial production is expected to commence in late 2023

CNH Industrial, parent company of leading agriculture brands New Holland and Case IH, has unveiled its New Holland T4 Electric Power all-electric light utility tractor prototype with autonomous features last week at its inaugural Tech Day event.

The two-day event, held in Phoenix, Arizona, saw the company unearth a series of ground-breaking technology-driven solutions across the farming, transport and construction industries.

The T4 Electric Power, which CNH Industrial claims is a world-first, was developed by the company's team in the USA and Italy in conjunction with ag start-up, Monarch Tractor, which CNH Industrial invested in in early 2021.

CNH Industrial said while the prototype features New Holland branding and livery, the commercial model will extend to its Case IH brand.

“The T4 Electric Power is the ideal solution for lower horsepower operations,” said CNH Industrial Chief Digital & Information Officer, Marc Kermisch.

“It is suited to mixed farm, livestock, municipality, orchard and specialty applications. We know our customers are eager to adopt this type of product, so it makes perfect sense for us to continue our Ag electrification journey with this platform.”


The New Holland T4 Electric Power has a power output of 120hp and maximum torque of 440Nm, with 4-wheel drive, top speed of 40km/h and produces zero harmful emissions, CNH Industrial said.

Depending on the mission profile, the tractor’s battery pack delivers up to a full day of operation. It takes just one hour to reach 100 per cent power when using commercially available fast charging systems, the company added.

The tractor also features electrical outlets to support daily farm tasks such as welding and drilling, and provides energy for electric implements. It can also double as a backup power generator for daily or emergency needs.

Traditional mechanical, hydraulic and Power Take Off implements can also be used with the New Holland T4 Electric Power.


In testing, the T4 Electric Power showed exceptional performance compared to a conventional diesel tractor, CNH Industrial claimed.

“Its superb responsiveness makes it more aggressive, efficient and provides greater traction control. Smoother shuttling and gear shifts make it even more of a pleasure to drive,” the company said.

“It also reduces operating costs by up to 90 per cent for our customers, thanks to eliminating diesel fuel costs and associated maintenance fees.”

As the tractor does away with the conventional diesel engine, it also makes little to no noise (up to 90 per cent noise reduction) and substantially less vibration, CNH Industiral said.

“This respects stringent municipal noise regulations, allows for nighttime operation, and improves livestock wellbeing, especially when working inside covered areas such as barns,” the company added.


What makes this tractor a world first, CNH said, is its autonomous features and automated capabilities to help solve labour issues currently plaguing the global agriculture industry.

The T4 Electric Power’s roof houses sensors, cameras and control units which enable its advanced autonomous and automated features.

Farmers can remotely activate the tractor via a smartphone app while a Shadow Follow Me mode lets operators sync machines to work together. A 360-degree perception system detects and avoids obstacles.

The machine has telematics and auto guidance to keep all functions in check for operators. Fleet Management lets farm managers assign tasks to each piece of equipment, while an implement recognition feature ensures the tractor seamlessly links up with the required attachment.

Offboard digital services let farmers run the tractor from anywhere, at any time, while monitoring its performance and battery level.

New look

CNH Industrial’s global Design Team have also given the company’s alternative power portfolio a whole new look. In the T4 Electric Power’s case, it features New Holland’s Clean Blue color that is also available on the new T7 Methane Power LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) launched at Tech Day.

Their illuminated leaf emblem and signature taillights mark a clear distinction from the aesthetics of conventional diesel tractors.

The T4 Electric Power joins the New Holland T7 Methane Power LNG and T6 Methane Power tractors in the company’s alternative source portfolio that demonstrates CNH Industrial’s commitment to environmental sustainability and green farming.

Commercial production for this model is expected to begin at the end of 2023 with a broader product offering to follow, CNH said.

CNH debuts all-electric and semi-autonomous tractor prototype