Coolamon reinvests in new models and facilities

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The machinery manufacturer will ramp up production in 2023 to meet demands from new and existing customers

Southern NSW agricultural machinery manufacturer, Coolamon, is planning to dramatically increase production in 2023 due to unprecedented demand.

The boost in capacity will see spreaders and chaser bins return to production in 2023, with a 30 per cent increase in output for chaser bins alone.

“The demand we are seeing Australia wide is really strong for our production range,” said Coolamon Chaser Bins general manager, Heath Hutcheon.

“Due to a change in demand over the last few years, we were unable to fit our other products into our production schedule and now with changes to our production facility, we are now looking forward to servicing existing and new customers with our range of extended products.”

The spreaders range in capacity from 10 to 15 litres and are ideal for granulated products such as lime, gypsum, potash, urea, poultry manure, feedlot waste and superphosphate.

Meanwhile, the rear steering option on the chaser bins tightens the turning circle to minimise damage to laneways and paddocks caused by dragging fixed wheels. Coolamon also claims industry-leading unloading speeds.

The mother bins come standard with front and rear steering and an electric roll-over tarp, while options include weight scales, lights and camera.

“Our spreader and spreader chasers have been developed over the years and we are quite excited to offer our latest designs for 2023, giving a more sophisticated look to both ranges,” Hutcheon said.

“With the spreader chaser, we have adapted a cross auger into the design to increase unloading rates from six to 10 tonnes – a massive gain in anyone’s language.

“The spreader chaser has continued to play its role for farmers, but we have worked with farmers on improving unloading rates.

“At Coolamon, we pride ourselves on our commitment to being leaders in the grain-handling industry and it is through our research expertise and manufacturing capabilities we are able to bring Australian growers this innovative product.”

Recent expansion at Coolamon has also come in the shape of a new robotic welder as well as sandblasting and painting facilities.

Coolamon reinvests in new models and facilities