New sprayer features improve accuracy and cut leak risks

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Knight sprayers are available with two new features designed to improve the accuracy of applications and the cleanliness of the pipework afterwards.

The first is an Isobus-compatible Vario Select control system, which compensates for the varying forward speed across the width of the boom as the sprayer negotiates headland bends or swoops around in-field obstacles.

This variable application rate is achieved by automatically switching nozzles on each four-outlet cluster, based on information provided by a gyroscopic system.

The result is an accurate dose of chemical or liquid fertiliser from the slow-moving inner sections and faster-moving outer sections.

To do this, the operator simply uses the nozzle selector to dial in the target rate, droplet size, minimum and maximum pressures, and the working speed.

The system allows for spot spraying from a prescription map, too, and it can also suggest the best nozzle choice for a particular job.

Cleaning pipework

The Rutland-based firm also has a new “active rinse” system to supply fresh water for cleaning the pipework at the end of a job, thus eliminating the risk of spray solution dripping from the nozzles during transport.

It works independently of the chemical system, with the on-board clean water tank automatically topped up during main tank filling.

At the same time, this water is available at the induction hopper for container rinsing.

For loading powders or other products that take a bit more mixing, it can run in a dual agitation mode, continuously circulating the chemical tank while filling.

The system can also be used for tank rinsing, even when the sprayer is working – in which case, a measured flow is used and the application rate adjusted accordingly.

As the sprayer nears the end of a job, the boom can be fed from the clean water supply to flush the pipework and displace any remaining chemical, delivering the washings back to the main tank ready for the next load.

There’s also an optional air blow-out feature that jettisons all the liquid from the pipes to ensure there’s no leakage when travelling from field to farmyard.

According to Knight, cleaning and flushing the sprayer at the end of each tank load should help solve the issue of boom leaks and drips, which is regularly highlighted by the National Sprayer Testing Scheme, and may also help prolong the life of the components.

The system is optional on the firm’s full sprayer range and will be on display at the Midlands Machinery Show, Croptec and Lamma.

New sprayer features improve accuracy and cut leak risks

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