New Holland releases Boomer 25C sub-compact tractor

New Holland
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Smallest tractor in the range debuts in Australia

Catering to the lifestyle and hobby farming market, the new 25C Boomer sub-compact tractor is easy to operate and versatile with a range of attachments on offer, said New Holland.

Recently launched to New Holland’s dealer network at its conference in the Gold Coast, and to the public at the AgQuip 2022 show, the Boomer 25C offers 25hp and is currently New Holland’s smallest tractor in the range, just behind the Boomer 25 model.

“Previously our smallest tractor was a Boomer 25 with similar horsepower, but that has a slightly larger frame and heavier footprint,” said New Holland Lifestyle & Small Farm Interim Product Manager, Ross Aylwin.

“This one is more designed to be targeted at people that need a light tractor, something that's not going to damage lawn and turf during garden maintenance.”

A 1.3-litre three-cylinder diesel engine powers the tractor.

New Holland says the Boomer 25C serves as an ideal entry-level tractor for property owners or hobby farmers looking for their first tractor, due to its ease of operation.

“It's a very simple to operate hydrostatic drive control with two pedals for forward and reverse and comes in high and low range,” Aylwin said.

“But the biggest thing about the model is we can package it with a range of attachments including a mid-mount mower deck, a front-end loader with a 4-in-1 bucket and a backhoe attachment.”

The 60-inch mid-mount mower deck is a finishing mower and leaves a nice and clean cut on the lawn everytime, New Holland said.

“The Boomer 25C also come with a class one rear linkage to connect with standard class one implements such as slashers, finishing mowers and the like,” Aylwin said.

The tractor can be fitted with either a turf or an industrial tread tyre to suit the tasks at hand.

New Holland expects stock of the Boomer 25C to be available in the Australian market by spring this year.

New Holland releases Boomer 25C sub-compact tractor