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New rake and mower added to haymaking range

Krone Australia has added the Swadro TC 1250 four-rotor centre delivery rake and the EasyCut ECB1000 non-conditioner butterfly mower to its range, both offering multiple improvements over existing models, the company said.

“We’ve always believed in continuous improvement and these new models are no exception,” said Krone Australia Product Manager, Nathan Thomas.

“The EasyCut ECB1000 replaces the ECB970 as the mower of choice, while the Swadro TC 1250 is a new entry-level addition to the four-rotor rake line up,” he said.

“The Swadro TC 1250 is offered alongside the already proven Swadro TC 1370 and offers a budget solution to the broadacre market and farmers.”

The Swadro TC 1250 features a variable hydraulic work width adjustment as standard, varying between 9.80 and 12.50 meters wide with telescoping arms.

“It’s manoeuvrable, and it’s convenient. The two -point headstock pivots in the lower link for smooth and stable rides on roads and in the field,” Thomas said.

“When turning at a tight angle, the headstock makes for tight headland turns and effectively rakes in corners, saving valuable time in harvest windows.”

Other standard features include hydraulic front rotor suspension and mechanical back rotor spring suspension, allowing the machine to handle any terrain.

The independent rotor lift-out can be selected electronically from the cab and sequence-controlled lift-out, meaning you can raise and lower the rotors in sequence or in front/rear, or in pairs.

The TC 1250 has a modern styling with a trapezium frame and massive tube steel arms that ensure high stability and longevity, Krone said.

“Our new ECB1000 builds on the intelligent design of the ECB970 and brings a host of changes that will improve performance,” Thomas said.

“The high-capacity non-conditioner butterfly mower features leading edge technology including a variable working width from 9.28 to 10.0 meters, hydraulic ground pressure and a weight optimised headstock.

“The ECB1000 features hydraulic suspension which can be conveniently controlled from the cab and indicated via a pressure gauge, ensuring optimum operation and perfect cuts.

“The newly designed weight-optimised headstock moves the mower’s centre of gravity closer to the tractor enabling the use of smaller tractors, while reducing ground pressure.”

Other features on EasyCut mowers include the SmartCut and SafeCut technology that ensures optimal cuts every time; as well as Krone’s DuoGrip technology which suspends the mower in its centre of gravity allowing optimal contouring in different conditions.

For more information on the new Swadro TC 1250 and EasyCut ECB1000, speak to your local Krone dealer or visit

Krone's new EasyCut ECB1000 mower

Krone's new EasyCut ECB1000 mower


Krone's new Swadro TC 1250 four-rotor centre delivery rake

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