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Polaris has unveiled its ATVs and UTVs for model year 2023, and a new mobile app building off its Ride Command service.

“As the leader in off-road, we continue to innovate and evolve our lineup to serve a broad array of riders,” says Steve Menneto, president of Polaris Off-Road. “The 2023 model year lineup is the latest example of our team’s ongoing commitment to answer the call from our riders.”


Polaris’ premium line of workhorse UTVs, the Ranger XP 1000 Northstar Trail Boss, has a slew of new upgrades for the 2023 model. The Trail Boss has a new LED rear work light for lighting the UTV bed when working in low-light conditions. The cargo box now has a 12V port to provide power for operation of sprayers. A new overhead switch panel allows operators to install additional lighting and accessory switches. The model comes factory-installed with the Ride Command+ system.

The Ranger 1000 UTVs offer variable 2WD and AWD modes, and have a 4-stroke twin cylinder engine, with a maximum of 82 HP. It has a 1,000 pound box capacity, around 1,500 pound payload capacity varying by model, and 2,500 pound hitch towing rating.

The standard models in the Ranger line are receiving upgrades as well. Polaris is now including LED headlights on all Ranger Premium trim models. These premium models will include a USB port to charge small devices on the go.

The Ranger 570 models offer variable 2WD and AWD modes, and runs on a 4-stroke single cylinder engine, with a maximum of 44 HP. It’s a lighter weight model compared to the 1000, with a 500 pound box capacity, around 1,000 pound payload capacity varying by model, and 1,500 pound hitch towing rating.


The Polaris Sportsman, the company’s automatic 4x4 ATV, is a little bit lighter on upgrades for 2023. The line is getting new colors on the 450, 570, and 850 models. The 450 and 570 models have redesigned rear rack extenders for more versatility when packing cargo. For added durability and protection in rough terrain, the 570 EPS and Premium models in the line have new CV guards.

The Sportsman ATV models run from 33 HP all the way up to 90 HP, with Prostar four-stroke engines running on either single or twin cylinders depending on the model. All are equipped with the ability for one touch, on-demand switching between AWD and 2WD.

The 450 and 570 models have a payload capacity of 485 pounds, and hitch tow rating at 1,350 pounds. The beefier 850 and 1000 models have a payload capacity of 575 pounds, with a hitch tow rating at 1,500 pounds.


Ride Command+ is a new system from Polaris featuring vehicle-to-cellular connectivity. This allows riders to check on their vehicle’s status with diagnostic reports, and fuel/charge levels. A vehicle locator function delivers a pinpoint location on the machine.

Coming later this year, Ride Command+ will receive an update for added security with location and bump alert features. The bump alert will be a 24/7 monitoring feature which will send a notification to the operator’s mobile device any time the vehicle is bumped or moved. If moved, the locator feature will provide its latest coordinates.

Ride Tracking+ is also coming later, where riders can track their rides using the vehicle’s GPS location without having to use mobile data. After a ride, users can generate a full report, including time logged, miles traveled, waypoints, and elevation.

The Ride Command+ launches standard on all 2023 Ranger XP Northstar Trail Boss Edition models, and is available as an add-on to the Ranger 1000,

Ranger XP 1000, Ranger 570, Sportsman 450, Sportsman 570, Sportsman 850 and Sportsman XP 1000. Polaris plans to further roll out vehicle compatibility for the system.

Ride Command+ will have a 12-month trial period with the purchase of the add-on, and will be $99 per year after the trial.


The Ranger XP 1000 models range from $20,299 to $32,399 depending on configuration. The SP 570 models range from $11,699 to $13,499. These models will begin shipping to dealers this fall.

The Sportsman ATV 450 starts at $6,999, the 570 at $7,999, the 850 at $10,699, and the 1000 at $15,499. It will begin shipping to dealers this fall.

For more information and full specifications on the Ranger UTV, Sportsman ATV and more, visit polaris.com.