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The new Brandt DXT Series dual-auger GrainCarts have fast unload speeds and large carrying capacities.


The DXT GrainCart is offered in a range of models from 1,150 to 2,500 bushel capacity. With unloading speeds up to 1,000 bushels per minute, the cart can be fully unloaded in as fast as three minutes.

The pivoting vertical auger makes the spout height adjustable between 9 feet and 5 inches to 16 feet and 6 inches off of ground level, allowing users to increase clearance when approaching a truck. Buyers have the option of 22- or 24-inch vertical auger diameter, and can also choose either the left or right of the cart for the unload side.

The quick unload speed is aided by optimized geometry in the cart with steep 42 degree angled tank sides, reduced hang-up points, a full-length cleanout door, and friction-reducing powder coat paint. The grain cart also has ground-level access doors for accessible and safe entry into the tank. Oversized windows in the front and back allow operators to check in on the tank from the outside.


Users have the choice of high flotation, walking tandem, or steerable tandem tire configurations, as well as the option for tracks. All DXT GrainCart models are built with a low center of gravity for in-field stability, with loading side heights as low as 10 feet. The cart’s cushioned, hitch-mounted suspension is designed for a smoother ride, and to reduce wear and tear on the cart and tractor.


The DXT’s tank has blind rivet and huck bolt fasteners intended for build consistency and durability for a uniform level of strength throughout the tank structure. Robotically-welded frame components are designed to handle heavy cart loads.

Brandt’s half-inch extended life auger flighting is thicker at the edge, to reduce damage at common wear points. Some bearings on the cart have been replaced with greaseless composite bearings with six regular grease points.

The 6-tooth anti-shock coupler ensures smooth, snug connection with the auger, and the spring-loaded, greaseless top auger bearings are designed to help with coupler connection.


A variety of add-ons are available for the DXT GrainCarts. A joystick and electronic package enables control over auger fold and pivot, flowgate, 4-directional auger movement, and more from the cab. Available camera packages include factory-installed cameras at the end of the auger, in the tank, and at the back of the cart.

A hydraulic jack helps operators to hook and unhook the grain cart. A fire suppression kit adds a 50 gallon water tank and 5 gallon foam concentrate tank, as well as a 100 ft. length reel and pump for effective control if a fire breaks out.


The Brandt DXT Series GrainCart is available to order now. For more information on the cart and where to find a dealer, visit



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