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Fast 5,000 gallon sprayer - Effective labor and equipment utilization

Aimed to make a game-changing increase in efficiency for growers and applicators spraying high rates or in areas with large fields.

Fast Ag 5,000 Gallon Sprayer Aimed to More Effectively Utilize Labor and Equipment

Pre-plant and pre-emerge spraying is a critical part of many growers’ programs for effective weed control.

“Many operations, especially those with higher amounts of acres to cover combine pre-plant nitrogen application with herbicide and often times are looking to spray high gallons per acre” states Cody Fast, President of Fast Ag Solutions. “The issue that is very apparent when they are looking to apply 30+ gallons per acre is that they are limited on how many acres can be covered between fills with a self-propelled or floater. Spraying high rates also makes it difficult for the tender driver to keep enough gallons to the sprayer since the sprayer tank empties out so quickly. All this added fill time and waiting for the tender driver increases idle hours on equipment wastes limited time that is available to apply.”

Fast’s new 5,000 gallon sprayer with boom sizes ranging from 120’ to 146’ is aimed to make a game-changing increase in efficiency for growers and custom applicators spraying high rates or in areas with large fields. The Big Acre Series, is set to maximize flotation and increase the number of gallons sprayed per day with high flow capacity.

The Big Acre sprayer comes standard with 36” wide CAMSO tracks to maximize flotation. Even with the large tank, this sprayer only provides 14 psi of ground pressure when fully loaded, which is very comparable to a floater. The sprayer is also ready for high flow capacity with two Ace 750 Oasis™ pumps – one for tank agitation and one dedicated to maximize flow being pushed through the sprayer boom. With two pumps and efficient plumbing, this sprayer is able to apply 230 gallons per minute which equates to 60 gallons per acre at 15+ mph with a 120’ boom.

The Big Acre sprayer is also aimed to maximize labor and equipment utilization. “We ran the Big Acre sprayer on our farm in southwest MN this Spring” states Cody Fast. “We knew we would be more efficient by filling up less times per day but what became even more evident was how much less time the sprayer and tender spent sitting at the end of the field when spraying high rates. We would empty out the entire 5,000 gallon tanker into the sprayer in one fill, go back to the farm with the tanker to fill up, and since the sprayer was able to cover so many more acres between fills we didn’t have to sit at the end of the field putting idle hours on the tractor waiting for the tanker to get back like we typically do when spraying high rates. After filling the sprayer, the tanker driver didn’t have to sit at the end of the field waiting for the sprayer to get empty; everyone kept moving and it made a huge difference to match up the capacity of the tanker and the sprayer.”

Fast’s goal is to find ways to increase efficiency for growers and custom applicators to ultimately improve their bottom line and the Fast team is excited that this 5,000 gallon sprayer provides a new way to achieve this.

Take a close look at this all new 5000 gallon 120' or 146' sprayer from Fast designed to make a game changing boost to efficiency, especially during high gallon nitrogen work and in areas with large fields to cover. Capable of 15+ mph at 60 gallons per acre, it boasts high flow capacity coupled with high flotation offered by standard CAMSO 36" wide tracks. Please visit to learn more!

Visit your local Fast Ag Solutions dealer or Fast’s website at for more information. Follow Fast on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to see their most up-to-date information.

Fast Big Acre Series Release and Walkaround Video - 5000 Gallon Sprayer


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