Valtra unearths Q series tractors

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New high horsepower tractor series is a high-quality machine with a capital Q, Valtra said

Finnish tractor manufacturer and AGCO brand, Valtra, has announced the release of its latest tractor line-up – the Q series featuring five models ranging from 230hp to 305hp.

The latest release rounds up Valtra’s 5th generation model range, and sits between the T and S Series.

The Q series was unveiled to members of the press from around the world at a virtual media launch on June 29.

Powered by a 7.4-litre AGCO Power engine and AGCO CVT transmission, the Q Series has been designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Maximum power is available at low engine speeds of 1850 rpm and the maximum torque stays consistent in the range of 1000 to 1500rpm, Valtra said.

The Q Series comes with Valtra's EcoPower function which promises further reduced fuel consumption.

The tried-and-tested AGCO electronic transmission automatically selects the lowest possible engine revs for the work to maintain the lowest fuel consumption, and distributes the power accordingly to the hydraulics, PTO, or transmission, Valtra said. The driver simply adjusts the settings to whichever best suits the driver or task.

The new tractors have a weight of 9.2 tonnes and maximum gross weight of 16 tonnes.

With its low height and long wheelbase, the Q series is a stable machine, Valtra said. The Aires Suspension in combination with the long wheelbase increases the pulling force of the tractor and reduces power hopping. The grip to the ground is increased because the air suspension has a faster reaction time compared to industry standard hydraulic suspension, the company added.

At road speeds, power is transmitted almost purely mechanically for fast and smooth acceleration. Both the cab and the front axle are air-suspended and synchronised to ensure a smooth ride in any environment, Valtra added.

Inside the large comfortable cab is the award-winning SmartTouch user interface. The Q Series models also come standard with a range of precision farming solutions.

“The Q Series is a high-quality tractor with a capital Q and customers deserve an equally high-quality service. To ensure the best tractor experience we have introduced a certification programme for Q Series dealers,” said Valtra Sales Director, Matti Tiitinen.

Under the certification program, Q Series dealers will be trained up in order to offer expert knowledge in sales and aftersales service, a high level of spare part availability, service contracts, and flexible finance options for customers.

Q certified dealers will also have access to the latest remote diagnostic tools to help customers schedule predictive maintenance for when it best suits them for maximum uptime. At handover, dealers will need to ensure the customer’s Q Series is set up with their implements and all smart farming capabilities from day one.

The Q Series tractors are expected to be available in Valtra’s key markets which are Germany, France and the United Kingdom from October 2022, and will gradually make their way to other markets over the latter part of the year.

Valtra is holding a virtual public launch for the Q series on September 2, and invites those interested in finding out more about the new tractor release to register for the event. Those who sign up before July 15 stand a chance to win prizes.

Valtra unearths Q series tractors