The Luxxum: Case’s smallest utility tractor at 101hp

Case IH
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Now that we have reached the stage where Case feels comfortable in labelling 100hp+ machines as ‘utility’ tractors, the company has upgraded its Luxxum range, which represents the company in this bracket.

The range has been upgraded with a new engine and other features, including a new compact, exhaust treatment module.

Up to to 120hp available

There are three all-rounder models, which have been designed for smaller livestock units and mixed farms.

They deliver 101hp, 110hp and 117hp each, and are claimed to offer better performance while meeting the latest (Stage V) engine emissions regulations.

The gearbox remains familiar from the old models being the ActiveDrive 4 semi-automatic transmission, while the new FPT Stage V four-cylinder engine provides more power and greater efficiency.

Bigger engine

The F5 engine is of larger capacity and now sports a displacement of 3.6L, while still only taking up the same space as the previous engine, ensuring the tractor’s compact dimensions are kept.

The new engine has a number of performance benefits, including increased power output at the lower end of the range, and up to 5% higher torque levels.

Maximum torque is now comes in at the lower engine speed of 1,300rpm, improving load response and start capability under heavy loads.

Self-contained exhaust unit

The exhaust-gas treatment system is the maintenance-free ‘Compact HI-eSCR2’ unit which meets Stage V legislation.

The assembly integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), a maintenance-free (for life) particulate filter and a selective catalyst reduction (SCR) unit.

Due to its compact size it fits neatly under the bonnet and so forward visibility for the operator is unaffected, as is tractor’s manoeuvrability.

New options on the latest Luxxum tractors include a leather steering wheel and carpet on the cab floor, as well as two further cab mounted worklights.

Joysticks and loaders

Being a utility tractor operation of the front loader is an essential function for the type of farmers that the tractor is aimed at.

The new machines will have a fully compatible electrohydraulic joystick that is said to speed-up work rates.

It combines the front loader controls with those for the transmission, so there is no need to switch between the Multicontroller and joystick.

The joystick works with the new L series front loaders, which come in three different ranges to meet various customer needs.

The ‘A’ range is a functional, simple, reliable and economical product, while the ‘U’ range is intended for everyday handling tasks. The flagship ‘T’ range is designed for intensive handling work.

The Luxxum: Case’s smallest utility tractor at 101hp

The new models retain the low bonnet despite Stage V exhaust treatment unit


The joystick operates both the loader and transmission