Kubota reveals updated flagship M7-2 workhorse

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More options for customers and upgraded semi-powershift transmission among key upgrades to Kubota’s second generation M7-2 line-up

In response to customer demand, Kubota has expanded its M7-2 tractor range to now offer 12 base models, each with a variety of customisable options to suit Australian and New Zealand farmers.

The M7-2 range was first launched in 2019 which represented the second generation of its flagship M7 higher horsepowered tractors. The latest iterations mark a slight upgrade to the range, not quite bringing them to M7-3 status, but more M7-2.2.

“We listened to what our customers had to say, took on their feedback, and we’re proud to call the M7-2 series our most advanced tractor yet,” says Kubota Australia Senior Product Manager, Konstantin Blersch.

For MY21, Kubota has added a new Standard-Deluxe specification for its M7-2 range for customers who want a basic tractor with some of the niceties of the premium models.

"The very popular Standard-Deluxe M7-2 models strike the perfect balance between easy operation and performance, which is exactly what a lot of our customers are looking for in an ever-growing variety of farming applications," Blersch says.

There are now four levels of specification customers can choose from – Standard, Standard-Deluxe, Premium Powershift and Premium KVT – to suit their needs and budget.

The options are available across three models - M7132, M7152 and M7172 with power ranging from 130 to 175hp with boost, constant power and torque.

The Closed Centre Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system is now available in Premium and Standard-Deluxe models.

“The M7-2 is uncompromising on power with its proven 6.1-litre 4-cylinder engine. Through electronic mapping we have lowered the maximum engine speed from 2200 rpm to 2100 rpm and decreased the point of maximum horsepower output from 2200 rpm to 1900 rpm. This delivers torque across a wider range of engine revs, further enhancing fuel efficiency and smooth running”.

In addition, operators can now choose between a Tier 4 or Tier 2 Kubota engine when purchasing a M7-2 tractor.

The more environmentally friendly Tier 4 Final regulations-compliant engine includes Kubota’s Diesel Particulate Filter with Selective Catalytic Reduction technologies to reduce emission.

"We are in a position to give our customers the choice of Tier 2 or Tier 4 final compliant engine technology across all models and anticipate the Tier 2 models to be in demand.”

Currently, there are no regulations in Australia to control noxious emissions from non-road diesel engines, unlike a number of European countries.

The M7-2 series gives customers a choice of KVT variable transmission, or 30-speed semi-powershift transmission across all three models.

Kubota’s M7-2 semi powershift transmission boasts six powershift gears and five ranges with an additional 24 creeper speeds.

“Our widest gear range to date, a total of 54 speeds forward and 27 in reverse, allows the operator to find the optimal gear for each job,” Blersch says.

An auto shifting function evaluates the speed-matching gears and automatically adjusts engine output to improve acceleration performance under heavy loads to maximise productivity.

Kubota’s Premium KVT (continuously variable transmission) model offers ultimate control over ground speed in any situation, Kubota said.

“Our M7-2 series is outstanding in hydraulic performance. Remotes are kept simple in the Standard and Standard Deluxe models and step up to electro-hydraulic controls through the on-board screen in the Premium and Premium KVT models.

“The sophisticated CCLS hydraulic system now features across Premium and Standard-Deluxe models, providing high performance at all engine rev levels and a virtually unlimited use of hydraulic attachments.”

Other features of the M7 range include an upgraded four-post suspended cabin featuring an operator seat with built-in depth and tilt adjustments and LED work lights. The cabin is category two pressurised to improve dust control and a high-performance HVAC system produces greater airflow to regulate temperature.

Further customisable options, including multi-function levers and suspension systems, are available to improve performance and job function in the Standard, Deluxe and Premium grade models.

There are two front end loader options customers can choose from, namely Kubota’s own LM2605 loader or the Quicke Q6M loader, both matched to the tractors with Euro hitch, suspension, third service and other enhanced features.

“We’re proud of our M7 series, both first generation and second, and we’re committed to continue the evolution of this range and working towards meeting the needs of Australia’s and New Zealand’s farmers,” Blersch says.

New 2021 M7-2 tractor specs and features:

Standard spec:

Available across M7132, M7152 and M7172 models

Semi-powershift transmission

Pressure compensated, fixed displacement hydraulics

Mechanical auxiliary valves

NEW Standard-Deluxe spec:

Available across M7132, M7152 and M7172 models

Semi-powershift transmission

Closed-centre load sensing hydraulics

Mechanical auxiliary valves

For more information on Kubota’s new M7-2 line-up, visit your nearest dealer or the Kubota website.

MY21 Kubota M7-2 tractor features at a glance:

New Deluxe spec offers customers more choices and value for money

Two engine options available for Australian customers – Tier 2 or Tier 4

Upgraded four-post suspended cabin

Kubota reveals updated flagship M7-2 workhorse