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SmaXtec launches unique TruRumi™ technology, measuring rumination directly at source

The innovative smaXtec bolus technology reinforces its status as a technology leader by launching another unique parameter that supports farmers to significantly improve herd reproduction, health and performance figures while saving on labour and costs.

Having already set a new standard in preventative health monitoring, precise calving detection and best oestrus management through measuring inner body temperature, activity and drinking behaviour, it has now extended its expertise even further.

Cow understanding has never been more comprehensive.

What Makes The New SmaXtec TruRumi™ Technology So Special?

With the unique smaXtec TruRumi™ technology you measure rumination at its source: The reticulum.

The direct measuring method of the smaXtec bolus records the number and duration of the reticulum’s contractions and thus detects if the cow is eating, ruminating or digesting with the highest precision.

This way you are informed with unrivaled accuracy about your cows’ rumination activity and receive even more precise insights into the health, reproduction and feeding status of your cows.

Moreover, smaXtec is not only characterised by its precision – your greatest benefit comes from combining the new parameter rumination with existing information on inner body temperature, activity and drinking behaviour.

This gives you even more comprehensive information about your herd directly on your smartphone and PC, allowing you to make even more targeted decisions – on health, feeding, oestrus and calving.

With the smaXtec system SX.2 you set a new standard in early detection on your farm. You also have the certainty of having everything under control, location and time-independent.

How SmaXtec Works

Understanding your cows even better enables you to make informed, data-based decisions at the earliest possible.

The smaXtec system measures key parameters at the safest and most accurate point in the body: Inside the reticulum. The award-winning system continuously measures inner body temperature, activity, drinking behaviour and rumination inside the cow while guaranteeing top-quality data due to maximum precision and robustness.

The certified measurement device offers the highest levels of safety: The measurement position inside the cow means there is no risk of loss of the device or injury to your animals.

Increasing Animal Health And Welfare On Your Farm With SmaXtec

Healthy cows are the basis for your economic success. To ensure or improve animal health, you have to keep a close eye on your cows at all times. This is the only way you can intervene early in case of health problems and thus prevent serious disease progression.

A number of issues can be recognised and solved through good observation and care but changing farm structures and sizes do not always allow for the ideal level of individual care. This is where the smaXtec technology supports you.

The unique combination of the parameters inner body temperature, activity, rumination and drinking behaviour allows you to draw conclusions about the disease and its severity.

Thanks to continuous data collection, smaXtec offers an outstanding early detection system for diseases. As soon as the immune system reacts to germs or stress, the inner body temperature, for example, changes noticeably. This allows you to detect diseases such as mastitis up to four days before clinical symptoms become visible.

The body temperature also gives an indication of the type of illness: if the temperature rises, the cow usually suffers from a feverish condition; if it falls, it is often a metabolic disease. Rumination, activity and drinking behaviour change as well when cows suffer from illnesses – all measured by smaXtec.

Early detection allows you to intervene at the earliest possible, reduce the risk of serious disease progression and significantly reduce the use of medication, especially antibiotics. You can thus improve animal health and welfare, reduce the use of antibiotics by up to 70% and further increase the success on your farm.

SmaXtec’s Precise And Automatic Heat Detection

It is becoming increasingly difficult to detect oestrus and to inseminate cows at the right time. High-yielding cows show less signs of oestrus, which are often not detected by visual observation.

Additionally, many cows are in heat during nighttime. However, every missed heat means financial losses; smaXtec helps you to avoid these costs.

Heat detection with smaXtec is based on the detection of typical changes in behaviour or movement patterns during heat – activity increases, rumination decreases. Thanks to continuous measurement, smaXtec offers heat detection anytime, day or night.

Customers of smaXtec report that thanks to the system, reproduction performance increases and calving intervals are shorter. The oestrus detection accuracy is over 90%. Farmers are able to shorten the calving interval by up to 25%.

The smaXtec system not only detects oestrus, but also determines the optimum insemination time for you. With the heat alert you receive information on the exact insemination time. This way, you optimise the insemination success and the reproduction figures on your farm significantly.

With smaXtec you can do even more. By using the well-structured dashboards, you are able to rapidly identify animals with fertility problems. This means you can intervene at an early stage and treat the animal accordingly, safeguarding fertility.

Problem-Free Calvings Guaranteed

With smaXtec, you not only monitor the health of your animals in this critical birth phase but are also informed at an early stage if calving is imminent.

Stay tuned to learn more.

Contact smaXtec and implement the most comprehensive system for monitoring health, reproduction and feeding in dairy cows on your farm and start improving your key success indicators today.

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