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Primex field days announces cancellation

Worsening COVID-19 situation in Victoria final nail in the coffin for popular Casino event.

A postponement and a virtual event later, the Primex field days in Casino, NSW, has ultimately been cancelled for this year following mounting challenges in holding a safe and successful event.

The field days was rescheduled from June to be held from September 10 to 12 in hopes that the coronavirus pandemic is under control by then, but organisers conceded that recent outbreaks across the country, especially in Victoria, have ultimately forced the difficult decision to cancel this year’s show.

Primex joins a growing list of farm field days that have been canned in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes AgQuip, Henty, Agfest and more.

“We were determined to pursue every means possible to investigate any and every opportunity, remembering that it was only a few weeks ago we were seeing a positive easing of restrictions,” said Primex Field Days Manager, Bruce Wright.

“The fluidness and volatility we are now facing has left us devastated for the region, the charities which rely on Primex to fundraise and support our communities, and the thousands of local businesses who receive much-needed revenue from the staging of the event.”

According to Wright, the field days generated an estimated 110 jobs and provided an immediate injection of more than $7million into the local economy every year. He added more than $40 million in sales were generated from the event annually.

He said ag field days such as Primex hold significant responsibilities in supporting the region’s rural and regional communities, especially after devastating events in recent times including flood, drought, fires and now COVID-19.

“With both exhibitors and visitors travelling from throughout Australia to attend the Norco Primex Field Days, border closures and strengthening restrictions would severely affect the content and programs presented,” Wright said.

“Since March, we have been investigating all scenarios to try and deliver the 2020 event, however, given COVID-19’s current escalation, today’s announcement is the most responsible course of action we can take to abide by public health orders and protect our exhibitors’ and attendees’ health and wellbeing.”

Wright said he and his team are in a much stronger position to hold the next event in 2021, scheduled for May 20 to 22.

“While we have continued to work with government authorities to ensure we can deliver a safe and successful field days, we are well prepared for 2021 with a COVID-19 safety plan and risk management framework which will enable us to build an even bigger, safer and more dynamic event next year,” he said.

“We wish to thank everyone for their support, patience and understanding while we considered all factors to reach this decision.

“Having communicated with all our exhibitors, including a recent survey, we are now reviewing the responses and position of these businesses, while continuing to work in partnership with all levels of government, to be in a better position to support the region.

“COVID-19 has decimated the 2020 Australian agricultural field days calendar and we need the government to consider the dynamics of our outdoor essential service events.”

Primex field days announces cancellation


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