MS Biotec releases rumen aid

MS Biotec
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LactiproFLX product said to use lactic acid, thereby reducing acidity from high-energy diets.

MS Biotec announces the launch of LactiproFLX with Mega e, an innovation 10 years in the making. LactiproFLX enables beef and dairy producers to maintain digestive health in cattle and improve profitability.

LactiproFLX harnesses the power of Mega e, a naturally occurring rumen-native bacteria that is a superior lactic acid utilizer. LactiproFLX places a large number of Mega e directly into the rumen where it immediately begins targeting lactic acid. Lactic acid can build up and have dangerous effects on cattle as they transition to higher-energy diets or experience stress. LactiproFLX can be used for feedlot cattle, dairy and beef cows, and calves at key moments of diet transition and stress.

LactiproFLX is available in 3 formulations:

LactiproFLX Feedlot: Ideally suited to help hospital cattle transition back to their home pen diet.

LactiproFLX Dairy: For use in dairy and beef cows to ease fresh cow transition to higher-starch diet; support rumen health in hospital cows returning to the production herd and reduce risk of grain overload in beef cows grazing downed corn or crop residue.

LactiproFLX Calf: Stimulate healthy rumen development in young calves.

LactiproFLX has evolved from an original high-volume drench with a 14-day shelf life to a convenient, easy-to-use capsule containing viable anaerobic bacteria with stability for months.

With traditional feed transitions, naturally occurring Megasphaera elsdenii in the rumen takes weeks to reach populations required to effectively handle grain-based diets. As animals transition to higher-concentrate feed, lactic acid may accumulate in the rumen if Megasphaera elsdenii levels are not sufficient to handle the increased acidity. If lactic acid builds up, the rumen’s natural pH balance can become too acidic and health issues can result — from acidosis to rumen damage, weight loss to bloating, and even death. As the primary and most prolific lactic acid utilizer, Mega e works to improve rumen health, supports a healthy pH, and contributes to the growth of rumen papillae, which absorb nutrients.

MS Biotec and its affiliates say they are the world’s only commercial providers of Mega e, and the company is a co-owner of the patent for Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125.

LactiproFLX is a reformulated product to help cattle with high-energy diets.

LactiproFLX is a reformulated product to help cattle with high-energy diets.