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EIMA pushed to 2021

Original show in November 2020 will take place online in digital form as a preview to physical event next year.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading international agricultural trade fair, EIMA, has decided to postpone its event scheduled for later this year.

EIMA, to be held in the Bologna exhibition complex in Bologna, Italy from November 11 to 15 this year will now run from Feb 3 to 7, 2021.

However, organisers are not cancelling the November event altogether, instead moving the show to an online format which will provide visitors a sneak preview of the actual show early next year.

"The decision to postpone the great traditional EIMA until the beginning of next year stems from a careful logistical and economic assessment, since it is extremely likely that exhibitions may still be affected in autumn by specific government ordinances, and the transport and services system may still be slowed down due to the precautionary measures that will still be in place both in Italy and abroad,” said Alessandro Malavolti, president of FederUnacoma (federation of Italian manufacturers) which organised the event.

"After all, the agricultural and applied mechanics supply chain urgently needs to resume business because there is great interest in technological innovations and great need, especially after the acute phase of the virus emergency, to restore energy and competitiveness to the primary economy,” he said.

"That's why we planned the November preview which will bridge the gap to the February 2021 edition, an event that represents an exception in the history of EIMA International, which will return to its traditional placement from November 2022."

FederUnacoma said it is currently working on the digital platform that will allow exhibitors to preview their company profiles and range of products to the masses come November.

“We are working in synergy with institutions, professional organizations and publishing to create a programme of seminars, conferences and media-based events, to focus attention on the main issues and encourage the meeting between supply and demand regarding technologies for agriculture, green area care and land maintenance,” said FederUnacoma General Manager, Simona Rapastella.

"The 'business-to-business' meetings with foreign operators will feature prominently on the new platform since they represent a strategic target and a great strength for our exhibition".

EIMA is the latest in a string of trade shows that have decided to move their events online, either fully or partially, due to COVID-19 restrictions.


  • Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
  • FederUnacoma