Socorex launches ultra 1810: a syringe for micro-range volumes

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When confronted with fish injections in volumes below 0.5 cc per ml, users will appreciate a reliable, durable automatic syringe providing for smooth and precise operation.

Socorex offers four instruments delivering doses from 0.02 to 0.5 cc / mL. Extremely robust, yet light in weight, the syringes ultra 1810 are built to last. Made of nine main elements, easy to disassemble and reassemble, they enable fast access to all parts for quick and efficient cleaning and maintenance. Compact cartridges secure both inlet and outlet valve components.

Fish farm personnel will appreciate the syringes ultra 1810 for their long-life duration, mainly due to careful selection of lasting materials and complete spare parts availability. Sterilisation is possible using either boiling water or an autoclave.

Injections will be simplified using Socorex FishGuide attached to the syringe nozzle. The device, available as an accessory, enables proper fish and syringe needle positioning. Customers can choose from three sizes according to fish shape.

The re-usable packaging, in the form of a soft pocket, is specifically designed to reduce volume, weight and waste and is also suitable for carrying or storing equipment or vials.

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Socorex launches ultra 1810: a syringe for micro-range volumes