Standing out in the crowd

Gibbons Agricultural
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With so much to see at LAMMA ’20, Gibbons Agricultural showcased their newest control panel to help them stand out among the crowd.

Taking centre stage at their bright orange stand, lit up by lights and surrounded by fans and wireless temperature probes, their ultimate no-fuss multi-zone differential temperature control panel drew a lot of attention from visitors.

Why? Because the panel allows users the ability to independently control any number of fans in up to four zones of their grain store.

Since it is not uncommon for one section of a grain heap to be warmer than others, the ability to set this panel to automatically turn on fans in warmer zones is invaluable and means users can wave goodbye to trudging up their grain heaps to unplug redundant fans or wasting energy by running them unnecessarily!

Gibbons are uniquely placed to manufacture specialist grain storage products like this that meet the demands of their customers, due to their 50 years of engineering experience.

Control panels, for example, have been built by Gibbons for decades for a variety of industries including agricultural. That means Gibbons have the expertise to build bespoke panels that exactly meet customer requirements. They can be mobile, wireless, web-based and control any number of fans.

It is not only control panels that Gibbons have enhanced with their engineering expertise and decades of experience working with farmers.

In fact, the full Plug&Cool range of grain storage equipment has been designed to solve the problems faced by farmers post-harvest. Pedestals, for example, are constructed from two types of strong twin-wall polymer for durability, while Airspears® feature non-slip handles with extra leverage and grain fans all come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

That is why visitors were so interested in visiting Gibbons’ stand at this year’s LAMMA. It is also why their grain fans have been best-sellers all across the UK and Europe for decades and why their Plug&Cool Pedestals sold in record numbers last harvest.

Standing out in the crowd