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The future according to John Deere

The future of agriculture technology is taking on many shapes as technology advances and new tools become available.

But what might future tech look like? Social media lit up with photos from Agritechnica of John Deere’s future-think display, where a range of tools was on view (Agritechnica is a global farm show held biennially in Germany). Many incorporate technologies that could be put to use in the near future, including that new X9 combine.

You’ll also find technologies regarding autonomous spraying, electric drive, autonomy and unique application tools. The ideas shown offer a glimpse into the direction ag tech could move in global agriculture.

There are forces outside of agriculture that drive the industry, and this future-think display offered a look at some areas farmers may see in the future. For example, the electric “boost” system that won John Deere the gold medal at the show allows a tractor-powered generator to provide added traction to an implement. This would allow for lower-horsepower tractors, to reduce the amount of fuel used, and perhaps the carbon footprint.

A look through this slideshow, which includes what information we know about the new X9 combine, will give you a look at future trends for agriculture technology. Deere made a significant splash in a very big ag tech pond during Agritechnica.


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