Fiskars Waterwheel XL

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Watering System

Mobile aesthetics

The complicated handling of hoses makes watering the garden an often strenuous undertaking not only in hot summers. The Fiskars Waterwheel XL watering system has been optimised especially for work in large gardens where long distances have to be bridged. Expanded with an automatic reel-in function, the design has pursued the main goal of raising the ease of watering to a new level. This has led to giving it the compact form of a circular reel that is geared towards satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users in terms of aesthetics and usability. This elegant system impresses with both enhanced mobility and sophisticated functionality. It is ergonomically designed, easy to carry and requires no wall mounting. The hose system has been integrated into the lightweight housing, eliminating the need to lift heavy hoses. Handling the device is easy and self-explanatory. The most distinctive feature is that this watering system can be placed anywhere in the garden in a horizontal position, which means that it cannot tip over. Equipped with large, smooth sliding wheels, the system provides high manoeuvrability without having to lift it. It can be placed freely in the garden and enables watering within a rotation radius of 360 degrees – meaning that it allows even hard-to-reach corners to be watered easily and efficiently.

The Fiskars Waterwheel XL watering system impresses with its elegant and purist design. Featuring soft surfaces, ergonomically shaped handles and other carefully designed details, it possesses a highly aesthetic appearance. Delivering a sophisticated system in a compact housing, it can be easily moved around even in large gardens for effortless watering in a 360-degree rotation radius. Another benefit is that its horizontal positioning prevents it from tipping over.

Fiskars Waterwheel XL