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Wish Farms Going Bigger, Bolder With Blackberries

In an effort to respond to customer requests, Plant City, FL-based Wish Farms is extending its berry program this season to include conventional and organic varieties of blackberries.

“Blackberries are the perfect complement to our year-round berry program,” said Gary Wishnatzki, Owner of Wish Farms.

The Mexican blackberry season will span from the beginning of October to the end of May and will segue perfectly into the domestic season when blackberries from Georgia, North Carolina, and California will be available mid-May through September.

In addition, new this year for Wish Farms is an elongated blackberry clamshell. Similar to the existing raspberry 12-ounce flat pack, this elongated clamshell will provide a cleaner look across the berry case.

To complete the berry patch, Wish Farms projects a long-term goal to establish a year-round raspberry program.


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  • Paul Rusnak