Clean up around the farm with a superior range of powered sweepers and collectors from Spaldings

Spaldings Ltd
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A new line of powered sweepers and sweeper-collectors will be added to a growing implement range by Spaldings at the LAMMA show in January.

The powered rotary brush sweepers with debris collection and dust suppression options are designed and engineered for cleaning tasks such as clearing mud and other debris from private and public roads while mounted on a loader or tractor three-point linkage.

They will be available from Spaldings – the direct sales specialist – online, by telesales and through the company’s field sales team in the UK and Ireland.

For demanding routine or special clean-up jobs, the Padagas hydraulic motor powered sweepers from Spaldings provide a versatile solution.

The standard PI-25 model has a 600mm diameter, 2.5m wide rotary brush with a top shield, hand-crank adjusted castor support wheels and 25deg hydraulic angling to sweep debris to one side.

This implement is available with couplings for tractor three-point linkage or loader/telehandler mounting and a collecting version comes with a 0.24cu m debris box.

The Padagas Shark sweeper in 2.5m and 2.9m working widths has an extra-large 915mm diameter bristle brush powered by a pair of hydraulic motors.

It also comes with a heavier duty frame with integral 25deg angling mechanism and adjustable guide wheels.

Where larger quantities of debris need to be swept up, collected and removed, the Profi H-2501 sweeper-collector provides a 0.42cu m bin emptied by hydraulic cylinder.

This unit has an 800mm diameter brush powered by motors at both ends, up to 20deg angling for working widths from 2m to 2.2m, and a front castor wheel in addition to the two rear ones for added stability.

A powered side brush option is also available for sweeping close to walls and kerbs.

Water tank options for dust suppression are available on the sweeper-collectors and all loader-mounted models are fitted with a heavy duty floating linkage to ensure that even bristle pressure is maintained to maximise efficiency and brush life.

The new Padagas sweepers and sweeper-collectors can be ordered via the company’s team of knowledgeable field sales staff covering the UK and Ireland, online at the website, or simply by calling the company’s telephone sales department.

Clean up around the farm with a superior range of powered sweepers and collectors from Spaldings