New Teagle Tomahawk offers extra chop control

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Built in response to customers’ feedback, Teagle’s popular Tomahawk 8550 has been upgraded and can now chew through long and short straw, hay and silage.

The new Tomahawk Chief 8555 now has a removable screen which has an increased area of 20% on its predecessor, while there is a choice of screen sizes when buying a new machine.

In the chopping department, consistency of cut is down to an integral scissor action, which allows a variety of different lengths including chopping for animal feed, cubicle bedding, shredding straw for loose housing and feeding clamp and round baled silage.

Truro based manufacturer has also integrated electronically controlled chain lubrication for the cross beater as standard, to help with the longer working hours.

The family owned firm have over 30 years’ experience in building bale processors with the new Tomahawk 8555SC-D having a list price of £27,105.

New Teagle Tomahawk offers extra chop control

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