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Moty – the Cucurbitaceae seed specialist

Moty introducing a modular seed harvester for all kinds of cucurbits

Moty has been developing and manufacturing pumpkin seed harvesting equipment since 1969. In 2019 Moty is introducing a new harvester called KE1800 MS. The name refers to the legendary KE1800 built until 2006. The well known Moty sieve drum is the common piece between these two generations of harvesters. The NEW KE1800 MS all the Moty genes elaborated in the last 60 years, but not only. It will be the first pumpkin seed harvester with exchangeable sieves. This feature is delivered as standard allows making a cucumber seed harvester or a melon seed harvester of your pumpkin seed harvester in less than one hour. The removable shield plate also allows freeing the lower body of the sieve drum for perfect cleaning between different varieties or species.

With the Moty KE1800 MS the silent ARS 2.0 cleaning system from the KE3000 hydroS is being introduced to small harvesters, where until now suction fans were dominant. This allows providing the best combination out of mechanic and hydraulic drive. The crushing drum and the screening drum are driven mechanically for best performance. Conveyor and grain cleaning are driven hydraulically by the tractor hydraulic in order to allow the best adaptation to the harvested seeds and fruits.

With a weight below 3.500 kg and compact dimensions, the NEW Moty KE1800 MS has a power requirement below 60 hp and is easily transportable. Attached to the linkage bar the tilting of the machine is set by the tractor linkage arm position.

Moty – the Cucurbitaceae seed specialist


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