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Heavy Duty Line

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Delivering optimum scraping results

For all the farmers all over the world, we have developed a new chain installation: Heavy Duty line. The customized solution for sand barns or other tough conditions. More wear-resistant and less maintenance.

HDX Delta scraper
HDX Delta scraper

Manure scrapers wear faster in barns with sand bedding in the stalls. JOZ has developed a new scraper for these barns, the HDX Deltascraper. This is the most wear-resistance, heavy-duty Deltascraper JOZ has put on the market till so far.

Flex scraper with E-rubber

The new Flexscraper has been upgraded with E-rubber. This new rubber is along its entire underside and is more wear-resistant than other rubber. It is specially developed for sand barns and can be mounted on existing installations. The Flexscraper with E-rubber is the heavy duty version, which still is animal friendly and can be used on asphalt floors and hard-to-reach places for instance below a slatted floor. Both arms fold double on the return pass of the scraper, this means it is possible to drive over.

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