Reward to OSKAR 4WD harvester

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JAGODA JPS Agromachines is a leading designer and manufacturer of berries harvester and orchard machinery. For over 30 years, the company's constructors have specialized in providing modern and sustainable solutions for harvesting and fruit cultivating in Europe and around the world.

OSKAR 4WD uses the latest technologies methods to harvest berry fruits. Has a well-thought-out and shaped mission, vision and development design in necessary to make the product even more multifunction.

The full- raw (OSKAR 4WD) fully equipped and half-raw harvester (JAREK 5 or ARONIC) designed to collect berries such as blackcurrants, red and yellow currants, aronia, haskap berries also known as honeyberries, gooseberries, autumn-fruiting raspberries, saskatoon berries, rose hips and more to harvest most kind of berries.

During the TSW 2018 Fruits and Vegetable Industry Fair 2018, the most famous fair in Poland that took place in Warsaw, OSKAR 4WD won the first prize for the most innovative and significant contribution to the development of Polish horticulture products.

Award for OSKAR 4WD Berry Harvester
Award for OSKAR 4WD Berry Harvester

The best for berries

Award for Self-propelled OSKAR 4WD Harvester

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