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Our sustainable actions promote a responsible production chain

Providing production processes that seek a balance between the needs of material supply in the market and the responsible maintenance of natural resources for future generations is a task of paramount importance for the industrial sector.

In addition to guaranteeing a direct commitment to an agenda that is increasingly in vogue in recent years, the company also places itself as a reference and combines its brand with these sustainable values , generating even greater trust with its products, services and with the organization . Generally.

This debate comes to a head in June , when we celebrate Environment Month . The date encourages industries to precisely find the main solutions in operational terms that zero or cause the least possible effect on the planet . Infasul has its own environmental policy and has been carrying out sustainable actions in its production. Check out:

Use of clean energy

One of the main actions is to use clean energy for electricity consumption in our manufacturing plant . This occurs through the purchase of this energy in the so-called Free Contracting Environment , also known as the Free Energy Market .

In it, large consumers can purchase their electricity directly from clean energy producers, which results in a reduction in carbon dioxide emitted if conventional energy were used. Still in comparative terms, in 2020 alone , the year in which Infasul received the Energy + Clean Profile certificate , we stopped emitting 96,029 tons of CO 2 .

This is equivalent to 476 trees planted , 505 plane trips between Porto Alegre and Salvador, 41,002 liters of diesel fuel consumed by a generator and 676,260 km driven by a gasoline-powered car.

Deployment of Industry 4.0

In addition to clean energy , our production processes also use the most advanced technologies in terms of operation and organization, optimizing the development of knives and spare parts . By implementing industrial automation in our manufacturing plant, we generate greater agility and better use of the resources used and the clean energy consumed. This occurs through the use of computerized machinery , which has a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and production control devices , also resulting in greater safety for our employees.

Productive efficiency for customers

This focus on developing efficient and high-yield production is also reflected in the operations of the companies that use our products and services . By delivering solutions that allow greater availability of machinery and equipment for their manufacturing plants , these industries also end up optimizing the use of resources and energy .

In this way, Infasul promotes a sustainable production chain in its operational processes and in the manufacturing plant of its customers . Discover our products and services and get in touch to learn more about our environmental policies!


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