Dekang Group new parents pig farm successfully completed

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FANS-TECH HPF high negative pressure fan used for multi-floor pig farm

Started on November 27th, 2019, the 2×7200 parents pig farm project of Dekang Group was successfully completed on December 2nd. The project is located in Qingling Town, Gaoxian County, Sichuan Province, with a total investment of 58.3 million US Dollar. It covers an area of about 230 thousand square meters, will provide about 400,000 piglets annually after completion.

The fans used for entire project are supplied by Fans-tech Agro, especially the HPF series high negative pressure fiberglass fan, which is suitable for centralized ventilation of multi-floor pig breeding building, and can carry -200Pa negative pressure. The fan adopts high-strength die-cast aluminum fan blades to ensure low noise, high efficiency and large air volume; direct drive, simple structure, reduce maintenance costs; use high-efficiency energy-saving motors, so that the energy efficiency ratio can reach 13.46CMH/V.

In recent years, with the increasingly tense national land resources, it has become more and more difficult for the state to approve breeding land. Multi-floor breeding has emerged as the times require, which can maximize the utilization and yield of land, and has become a hot spot for breeding mode. Fans-tech high negative pressure fiberglass fan is specially designed for multi-floor building breeding, and has become the first choice for many breeding group building breeding projects.

Dekang Group new parents pig farm successfully completed