High Performance Vibration Isolation Products

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Wire Rope Isolators WRI

The RoHS compliant wire rope isolators (WRI) offered by ITT Enidine Inc are designed to be environmentally stable and unaffected by chemicals, extreme temperatures, oils, etc. They are made of a stranded cable of stainless steel and threaded through retaining bars constructed of aluminum alloy. For effective isolation, they feature a patented crimping pattern and come with a variety of sizes and mounting options.

These systems can meet performance requirements in defense industries, commercial applications and industrial applications, thanks to the versatility of these helical isolator products and Enidine Incorporated’s commitment to quality. This series meets industry standards of RoHS, MIL-STD 167 and 110, MIL-E 5400, MIL-S 901, DFF-STND 0755, BV43-44 and STANAG-042. If a standard solution is not suitable for an application, the company can custom design a WRI to suit the specifications.

High Performance Vibration Isolation Products

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