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When my staff is happy, I am happy too!

Eight years down the road Emmanuel Destrijker from Plessisville, Quebec in Canada, is confident that he made the right choice when bying a DACS ventilation system for his second house for layers.

No matter the time of year, I always see a constant and uniform airflow in my DACS house. During autumn, winter and spring the mixing of warm room air with incoming air is second to none. The mixing ensures a warm, dry and well ventilated house with identical temperatures wherever I look Emmanuel Destrijker says with a smile.

During the warm summer days the blow of cool air brings a fairly high airspeed to every single corner of my system and that is something my birds like. Perhaps what tells the most about the capabilities of the DACS system is that I have never seen my birds troubled by heat during the periods with high outside temperatures so I know my DACS system easily takes care of things. Simply put, I have complete peace of mind no matter the weather forecast.”

Destrijker, Plessisville, Quebec, Canada


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